In high school, Andrew Cisneros’ cousin approached him looking to do a trade. He wanted to swap his bone-stock 1980 Monte Carlo for Andrew’s Blazer. Curious about the deal, Andrew laid eyes on the Monte Carlo and it was love at first sight, so the deal was sealed with a handshake.

The Monte Carlo wound up becoming a big part of his life. “I met my wife at school and we went on dates in it,” Andrew says. Eventually, the pair fell in love, got married, and started a family, which is when the car was set aside. After years of neglect, his wife gave him the ultimatum to either “fix it or get rid of it.” He wasn’t about to let it go so he painted it champagne, revamped the interior, chromed the undercarriage, and juiced it.

In 2010, he ran into his old high school counselor Harvey Reyes at the local swap meet. Reyes, a Lowrider Magazine Hall of Famer, brought him deeper into the lowrider game by introducing him to Carnales Unidos Car Club. After attending a few meetings, he appreciated their structure and became a member.

In 2015, he decided to give the car a full makeover and stripped it down. It was then delivered to Adam Stone to whom he gave a breakdown of his vision, then Stone went to town molding the doors and windows and finishing it off with a custom paintjob complete with candies and patterns. California Upholstery reupholstered the interior as well as installed the stereo system, and Albert dropped in the gravity-fed setup.

After two years of work, his car had new life but Andrew hit many road bumps along the way. “In May 2015, my father was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with liver cancer.” While his car was being built, Andrew was at the hospital every day with his father until he was released. The very same day, his wife called him to let him know that she was going to urgent care for a headache, so after dropping his father off at home he shot straight to the hospital and upon his arrival he was given the news that doctors had found a brain tumor and she required immediate surgery. “I didn’t know what to do but to pray,” Andrew says. After an eight-hour surgery they were able to remove the tennis ball size tumor from her brain at the cost of her losing movement to the right side of her body.

During these trying times, the passing of his father threw him in a rut, but watching his wife recover gave him the spark he needed to jump back on the project and dedicate the build to his loving father. In perfect timing, the car was debuted just in time for the Fresno Lowrider Super Show, which coincidentally took place on June 25-his father’s birthday.

In all, this car celebrates memories, both good and bad, and it’s a bad mofo named after his favorite James Brown song, “The Boss.” A fitting name indeed because he’s definitely paid the cost to be the boss.

1980 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Vehicle Nickname
The Boss

Andrew Cisneros

Bakersfield, CA

Carnales Unidos

Stock 3.8 V-6

Shaved moldings, door windows, and quarter windows; a mixture of different Matrix yellow flakes was used on the body and then multiple candies were used with webbing/water drops and fingerprint patterns

Two LowLife pumps with Delta dumps and four Optima batteries

Monte Carlo bucket seats in the front and Camaro bucket seats in the back with a custom dash and a center console that goes from the back to the front, seats are wrapped in yellow and orange leather and perforated leather, Summit Racing gauges

Pioneer double-din, two Pioneer amps, four Pioneer speakers, and two subwoofers

13-inch Zenith wire wheel with Premium Sport 5.20s

Wife and kids, Stone Cold Customs, Albert 661 Customs, Krazy Kutting, Roberts Chroming, Big Al’s Customs, California Upholstery and family, friends, Danny