Few are those who have been lowriding for 15-30 years. While some have dabbled in the lifestyle, only few have remained consistent, and for the most part women in the sport are a minority. But every once in a while a female steps to the plate to score a home run, and that’s exactly the case of Sonia Chessani.

1978 oldsmobile cutlass supreme front passenger side view

Her lowrider journey can be traced back to the mid ’80s—the height of the mini-truck craze—but it actually began much earlier. Sitting in the garage by her father’s side, she used to watch him work on his latest projects and this is where daddy’s girl acquired her obsession with lowriding.

As time passed, she continued to dream of building her own car—one with a fancy “lowrider” paintjob and the mandatory hydraulics—and as fate would have it, a casual conversation with longtime friend Benny Martinez would be the catalyst to make her dreams come to fruition. Benny had fallen ill and was no longer able to drive had jokingly suggested to Sonia that she should buy his 1978 Cutlass from him. Weeks later, the Cutlass was in her driveway and as Benny handed her the keys, he made her promise she would take him for a cruise when it was completed. With a promise to fulfill and no time to waste she was off to complete the car of her dreams.

1978 oldsmobile cutlass supreme interior

Just like her father had taught her, hydraulics were the first thing on the list. “A lowrider has to be low to the ground,” Sonia says. Gangster’s Trunks installed a complete custom-chrome Showtime setup with four switches and six batteries, which activated the complete chrome undercarriage. Sonia decided to complement the car with a bit of that female flair by going with a “Mary Kay”-inspired paintjob, which included a Magenta flake roof, patterns, and pinstriping, accenting the pink found throughout the car. The custom interior was designed to be a seamless transition from the outside in. The Magenta vinyl with purple inserts and pink double stitching mimicked the car’s paint. A Kenwood stereo system was installed and highlighting murals were airbrushed onto the doorjambs depicting images of the iconic “Soldaderas.”

1978 oldsmobile cutlass supreme trunk setup

After a four-year journey, this “daddy’s girl” is finally at the wheel of her very own Lowrider. With her dad and good friend Benny riding along as her guardian angels, you can catch her cruising the boulevard with the rest of her Goodtimes Car Club brothers.

1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Lowrider Girl

Sonia Chessani

1978 oldsmobile cutlass supreme passenger side rear view

Car Club

Fillmore, CA

1978 oldsmobile cutlass supreme goodtimes car club custom hood ornament

Original 1978 Olds V-8 305

Magenta vinyl with purple inserts and contrasting purple and pink double stitching

1978 oldsmobile cutlass supreme custom vinyl interior

“Mary Kay” Pink with flaked patterned roof along with “Soldaderas” murals on the doorjambs

Partially wrapped frame with complete chrome undercarriage handling the two-pump setup powered by six batteries, Delta dumps, and four switches.

1978 oldsmobile cutlass supreme amplifier

Custom 13-inch, 100-spoke wire wheels complete with painted lip and nipples