As a third-generation gearhead, Lamar Baily found himself in love with the lines of the automobile; in particular, it was the 1978-1980 Chevy Malibus that got him hooked. Regardless of whether they were done in hot rod or lowrider fashion, the love was equal, so he did what was proper and began the search for his own.

After a lengthy search, Lamar found the shell of a 1978 Malibu for sale. It was located in Seattle and the original owner had the intention of turning it into a derby car, but after a short negotiation, Lamar closed the deal for just $400.

After a year of working on the car he was halfway toward completion when he got an offer that he couldn’t refuse. In turn, he wound up selling the car, but it became a decision he’d soon regret.

A few years went by, and as the regret got bigger, the person who bought the car from him asked him if he knew anyone who wanted to buy it. Without hesitation, he bought it back and almost immediately knew that he had to finally complete what he had originally started. After picking the car up, he dropped it off to his shop, Switch Man Inc., and with the help of his wife and fellow club members the car was complete and ready to show in just under a year.

Sporting a black and gold theme reminiscent of the “John Player Special” motif of the ’70s and ’80s, this lowrider has a menacing look laced with a touch of class. When it’s locked up, one will get a clear shot of the gold-plated suspension components and now that it’s packing a Corvette LS2 motor it’s got plenty of power to go with all that play.

Since Lamar had a second chance to build this car, it was only right to baptize the car with a name that lived up to its legacy, so he called it “Redemption”—a name that’s fitting of not only the situation but the overall look of the car.

1978 Chevrolet Malibu

Vehicle Nickname

Lamar “Switchman” Bailey

Auburn, WA

Full House

LS2 with Rad Performance alternator, dual 10-inch electric fans, aluminum radiator, MSD wires, red-top Optima battery

44-inch moonroof with an Axalta jet black paint

EBC brakes with three pumps, three dumps, and 10 batteries

Black leather and suede with a Nardi steering wheel

Pioneer stereo, two Pioneer amps, four speakers, and two 8-inch Diamond D3 subwoofers

13×7 cross lace with 155/80-13 tires