1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo – Modern Love

The revival of old-school lowriding

Lowriding has always embraced diversity. Even during its incubation period, it may have been primarily composed of Mexicans and African Americans but as the lifestyle grew so did the borders. From Japan to China, Germany to France, lowriding has evolved into a global phenomenon that has experienced a slow but steady rate of growth that welcomes all.

Blind to color lines but not bad chrome, lowriding encompasses all races, and among the legions of lowriders who represent the culture is Raul Garcia, who is of Chicano and Native American descent. He serves as a prime example of the growing market segment and his late-’70s Monte Carlo has become more of a statement than a hobby. “Growing up, we were taught to always look presentable and be well displayed,” Raul says, and in keeping with the tradition he wanted to make sure his automotive appeal was up to par. So while searching for the next family project he found a 1977 Monte Carlo in an ad and thought to himself, “This could be the perfect vehicle to represent my culture and my family.”

As a member of the newly formed Heatwave Car Club, the club pays homage to the old-school lowriders of the ’70s. During its initial release, the Monte Carlo became a staple of the cruising scene. With a huge presence and a landing strip for a hood, the Monte Carlo was a beast and his latest iteration is no different.

With his newly acquired project, his first order of importance was to slap on a set of original 14-inch Trueray wire wheels. Like any self-respecting lowrider of the ’70s would have done, he massaged a set of Premium Sport 5.20 whitewall tires onto the wire wheels. From there, fellow club member Rubio’s Customs took on several of the project’s main modifications. He started by cleaning up the body to prep it for the Olive green paint with green flake. Once complete, the top was shot with forest green with complementary tape shades and pinstriping. Following that, another club member stepped to the plate and installed a two-pump Homies Hydraulic setup with front, back, corners, and six switches.

With all the details in place, Raul finally completed a project that could best represent his cultural identity while displaying his love for lowriding. It’s an eclectic project that fuses new-school technology with old-school soul, so it only made sense for him to give his car the moniker “Modern Love.”

1977 Chevy Monte Carlo


Modern Love


Raul Garcia


Whittier, CA




Original 1977 V-8


Olive Green with flake, pinstriping, and Forest green top


Two-pump setup installed by Rubio’s Hydraulics


Moss green suede and Olive green vinyl following original stitching and patterns


OG 14-inch Truerays mounted onto Coker 5.20s