One of the most rewarding parts of building a lowrider is watching your dreams come to life. There’s nothing more satisfying, nothing more rewarding. And for Chicago native Scott Beran, it’s a part of the process that he wasn’t able to see.

Diagnosed with diabetes at 6 years old, Scott was put on insulin to balance out his blood sugar. Growing up, Scott first took note of the lowrider culture from magazines and local car shows and it didn’t take long before he found the need to customize his own car. By the time he was 18 Scott purchased a Geo Tracker that he customized and started to take to shows; and this was the beginning of his journey.

In his early twenties, Scott wanted to exercise his creative expressions, so he bought a Buick Regal and a 1962 Impala. His plans were grandiose for the Impala as Scott was in the process of making plans to customize it. In 2002, Scott had 20/20 vision, but due to diabetes-related complications he became blind by the end of 2003. By the beginning of 2004, Scott had lost his light perception, which meant he could no longer tell if it was daytime or nighttime. “I went through over 14 different eye operations to try to save my eyesight,” Scott tells LR. “Nothing helped me.”

During his first year being blind Scott spiraled into depression, and with mounting medical bills was forced to sell off his vehicles. Realizing that a self-induced pity party was doing him no good, Scott kicked himself into gear and decided it was time to get back to what he loved. With intent, Scott wanted to come back to lowriding but this time around he was in it to win it. He knew of a guy selling a 1977 Cadillac Coupe De Ville with good bones. He had seen it at shows, and although it was originally built as a street hopper, Scott had plans to make it a showstopper.

The process began with A & R Plating handling the undercarriage while West Coast Metalworks handled all the chrome plating and bodywork, respectably. The next step was giving the Caddy some giddyap by way of a Corvette 305, but with an engine this strong it was time to give the paint some pick up as well, so Coast One flew in from California to lay down some intense graphics and some rich House of Kolor Oriental Blue. Prior to the clearcoat, the fellas took Scott’s hand and guided him all around the car so he could feel the graphics and approve of the patterns.

Since the Coupe had been cut for hopping, Scott wanted to turn it into something more practical. The four-pump setup was removed and Johnny Rivera added a custom three-pump setup with four Adex dumps along with hard lines to give him more room in the trunk. A custom LED-lit Imaginations-etched acrylic plaque was built by his good friend Hector, along with a 44-inch moonroof. The next step was completely overhauling the interior to give it a new custom feel, starting with the 1974 Thunderbird bucket seats. Once the Cadillac was finally finished, Scott had his friend drive it to a local lowrider show with Scott riding shotgun. In a large open parking lot Scott grabbed the keys and actually drove the car and hit the switches for the first time, giving him a true feeling of completion and pride.

Scott wishes to thank his daughter Alissa, who currently owns Scott’s first lowrider Tracker, as well as all the members of Imaginations Chicago for making sure he had a hand in the entire build through his decisions and thoughts. A special thanks goes to Coast One, Cadillac Connect, Fossetts and Filters, AL Marquez, Phil and Maritza, Johnny Rivera, A & R Plating, Hector OG Moonroofs, Victory Upholstery, Bryan Slinkard, Michael Allen John Beran, and everyone who has driven the car for him. Seeing Dreams was built with a dream and a vision that Scott may physically lack but a passion and heart that will never die.

1977 Cadillac Coupe De Ville

Seeing Dreams

Scott Beran

Chicago, IL

Imaginations, Chicago

Chevy small-block 350 with an RV cam from a 1979 Corvette, electric radiator fans, custom aluminum radiator, dual exhaust with Flowmaster, all done by El Marquez, Gonzo, and the Imaginations club

House of Kolor Oriental Blue done by John and Ricardo at Payless Auto Body, patterns by Coast One, bodywork by Ricardo, shaved handles, 44-inch moonroof from OG Moonroofs, custom bumpers front and back by Johnny Rivera from Johnny’s Works Chicago, custom grille by Greg De Alba from Mario’s Auto Works, A & R Plating for the chrome, Caprice headlights

Reinforced and molded upper and lower control arms, upper control arms have the ball joint cover, slip yoke driveshaft, reinforced and molded rearend, extended trailing arms, three custom-made high-pressure pumps, four NAPA batteries, four Adex dumps, 1/2-inch number eight hardline and fittings, custom-made coolers, custom-made backing plates done by Johnny Rivera from Johnny’s Works Chicago

Front bucket seats from a 1964 T-bird, custom-made door panels and console, electric dashboard, patterned-out Nardi steering wheel, LED lighting throughout, leather and suede material, all done by Peter and Johnny Rivera

Sound System
iPad head unit, Kenwood components, Kenwood four-channel amplifier

100-spoke triple cross-laced Dayton Wire Wheels with Super Sweeps, P155/80R13 Premium Sportways