Every dream starts somewhere. For Ulises Vazquez, it began with his father. As a young boy in Southern California, Ulises was thrust into the car culture after spending day after day working on classic hot rods with his dad. The family collection included a 1975 Caprice, Chevy Vega, and a 1978 T-bird. From full engine rebuilds to bodywork, the dynamic duo took on any mechanical challenge thrown their way. Ulises was amazed at the skills and creativity it took to build a classic car. He developed a deep love for the lowrider life and was determined to purchase his own ride one day. He was hooked.

Years passed and the family cars were passed down to Ulises to continue the tradition. Although he had his childhood projects to work on, Ulises wanted his own unique car to build from the bottom up. A friend had a 1976 Mercury Cougar for sale that caught his attention. After taking his wife out for a spin and receiving her support for the project, Ulises took the car home.

He installed hydraulics and an old-school gate setup to make the car bounce to its full potential. The Cougar was paired with whitewall wheels and coated with a glistening, copper-colored paintjob. The interior was kept mostly original with comfy brown leather seats. Ulises has a sweet spot for big cars and the Cougar performed beyond his expectations. Luckily, the build was finished in time to take his mother for her last cruise through the streets of L.A. A short time after, however, Ulises’s mom died.

Ulises is thankful for his parents, wife, kids, brothers, and Heatwave Car Club for always supporting his passion for lowriders.

1976 Mercury Cougar

Ulises Vazquez


Los Angeles, CA

Original 1976 Ford 351

Original factory patterns and materials

Two-stage Sand Stone Tan with pinstriping accents

Fenderstone pumps with Delta dumps and four solenoids

14×7 Tru Classics mounted onto 5.20 Coker whitewalls