The early to mid ’70s was an interesting time for passenger cars. It was the last “hoorah” for manufacturers as they continued releasing behemoth-sized vehicles. From the Chevy Monte Carlo, Chrysler Cordoba, to the Ford Elite, these cars were virtual land yachts; some of the most famed were the Monte Carlo, Ford Thunderbird, and who could forget the sultry 1975 Pontiac Grand Prix.

The Grand Prix stood apart from its counterparts with more aggressive styling. With pillow-top crushed velour seats, opera windows, and landau tops, it sported all the luxuries you wanted but its aggressive lines and more pronounced nose cone helped set it apart. Till today the Grand Prix remains a cult classic, and when Randy Pearson decided to get involved with lowriders, the Grand Prix became his canvas of choice.

In 1988, as he was readying to get his hands wet in the game, he didn’t have to look far for a car. Sitting right across the street from him was a 1975 Grand Prix that was for sale. “There it was parked across the street. It was in good condition with no rust and a clean body, so I walked over and bought it,” Randy says. As the new owner, he did the obligatory maintenance upgrades and a few years later added 14-inch wire wheels, but soon thereafter health issues forced him to let it sit.

Five years later, he was ready to get back on his build, which started by adding a moonroof and having the car sprayed with a Maya Blue. The hydraulic setup was then upgraded into a four-pump, eight-battery setup and the engine was gone through with a lot of new chrome accessories added to it. From there, the interior was wrapped in black vinyl and highlighted by blue piping while a fresh set of Zeniths complete this ride.

Looking at this car brings back many fond memories. In a sea of 1963s and 1964s it’s always refreshing to see these classic land yachts being preserved for the next generation to come as they are the last of its kind and the last cars to survive the downsizing that was to come.

1975 Pontiac Grand Prix

Vehicle Nickname
El Blu Too

Randy Pearson

Midwest City, OK

Illegal Toys

400ci V-8 with Holley carburetor and air cleaner, AC Delco water pump, Champion radiator, and Tuff Stuff alternator and starter

House of Kolor Maya Blue

Four Showtime pumps, four Delta dumps, 12 Accumax solenoids, and eight Napa deep-cycle batteries

Seats wrapped in black and blue vinyl with a Grant steering wheel

Sony stereo with a Sony amp and six Sony speakers

13×7 Zenith cross lace with Remington 155/80 tires

Vinyl Top Specialist, Pablo Lynch, Economy Chrome Plating, Lokey Pinstriping, Max and Sonny’s Auto Trim