1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo – Conspicuous And Together

Clearly Visible '75 Monte Carlo

Richard Arriaga from the Together Car Club in L.A. chose to identify himself amongst the members of his club with a very popular choice of car and color scheme that stands out, conspicuously. This make and model was introduced in 1970 as a two-door coupe, which lasted six generations up and until ’07. The Monte Carlo was emblematic of a time and where values, priorities, and obsession ruled the designs and passion for the automobile.

In the 1950s it was the porthole T-birds, Bel Airs, and the ’59 Cadillacs that ruled the world. Then in the ’60s the VW Beetle and Ford Mustangs owned that generation. But in the ’70s it was the disco ball and platform shoes along with the Monte Carlo that made a strong case for being visibly symbolic of the excess inherent to the decade. Richard’s name for his beautiful lowrider is called “Conspicuous” because of the multi-patterned candy and pearl magenta and fuchsia, but in all reality this ’75 Monte Carlo still gets attention even with a car cover on it!

The opera windows, flared fender/quarter panel design, and high-back swivel seats make this automobile an instant and iconic classic. When Richard was a lot younger he was in the Together Bike Club, and as time went on he continued his destiny when his father’s friend had this style of ride for sale. Something stood out for him when he saw the car’s unique design, because that was the statement he made when he handed over the money for the pink slip, or should we say magenta slip?

This move solidified him to join the Together Car Club. When anyone purchases a car and they want to join a club, one of the things that comes to mind fast is how the vision of the club’s plaque will look in the back window. Well Richard represents Together very well with this beauty built to the standards of this proud and long-running car club. Once again, this ’70s-era Monte Carlo becomes as iconic today as it was almost four decades ago. It’s also special again because it symbolizes our hobby so well it was chosen for the cover of our August issue of LOWRIDER Magazine. Congratulations to Richard and all of the Together Car Club for this well-displayed feature. Now let’s enjoy the color scheme and coordination that was laid out and sprayed by Anthony’s Customs in El Monte, California. It enhances the body style well enough to make this lowrider Monte the best of all its model generations.

Tech Specs

Vehicle Year/Make/Model: 1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Vehicle Nickname: Conspicuous

Owner: Richard Arriaga

City/State: Colton, CA

Club: Together, Los Angeles

Engine: Rebuilt stock 350 by Elco Shop, Moreno Valley, CA

Body/Paint: Anthony’s Customs in El Monte, CA, did the multicolor magenta candies and pearls. Murals done by Alan’s Customs.

Suspension: Chrome plating by Golden Plating, Santa Fe Springs, CA, Hoppos hydraulics, Delta dumps

Interior: Old school biscuits velour purple and magenta by Adrian’s Customs, Montclair, CA

Sound System: Audio Extreme installed the Kenwood system with Hifonics and Kicker speakers

Wheels/Tires: 13 inch Galaxy / Cornell radials