Anaweza is the African word for “God is able” and for Joshua Etchinson, it took an act of God to finally get him to his perfect life. Like many kids, Joshua didn’t grow up wealthy or even comfortable. His family had to work hard to make ends meet, and as a child, Joshua spent most of the time at the supermarket flipping through magazines while his mother shopped for food.

1971 chevrolet monte carlo rear passenger side view

But on one particular day, Joshua came across a Lowrider magazine and it was game over. “It was like something inside me got very excited seeing the cars, and I knew that this would be my future,” Joshua tells LRM.

1971 chevrolet monte carlo hydraulics setup

Once he got old enough to work, he started painting houses and began saving enough money to help pay for college. He enrolled and started attending Jackson State University in Mississippi, and that’s where his entire life changed. He met his now-wife, Martha, in his math class and spent over a year chasing her but couldn’t get her attention until one day she agreed to have lunch with him.

1971 chevrolet monte carlo cross lace triple gold zeus wire whels

After years of being inseparable, they decided to have a child, but having a motorcycle was not going to be efficient for the family, so Joshua started searching for a more family friendly car. He wanted something that would work for his family, but he also wanted something that would feed his passion, so located a 1971 Monte Carlo.

1971 chevrolet monte carlo black leather seats

Shortly after picking it up, he enlisted 309 Restyling to coat the new classic in bright yellow. The hydraulic suspension was added by Joshua himself and became his first hydraulic vehicle. The next step was the interior, making the classic look updated.

1971 chevrolet monte carlo rear bumper

Joshua wishes to thank God first and foremost for blessing him by bringing him together with his beautiful wife and for their children. He wants to give a special thanks to his club StreetStyle worldwide for their constant support, including Terrance, Reese, Dre, Mo, Des, and Kow for always being there to help. God was able to make Anaweza a dream come true for Joshua and Martha.

1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Vehicle Nickname

Joshua & Martha Etchinson

1971 chevrolet monte carlo etchinson family

Washington, IL

Club Affiliation

1971 chevrolet monte carlo locked up

Lighting Yellow with Ice Pearl and gold flake done by Curt Keller at 309 Restyling, pinstriping by Brad Grimm

Chevy 350 tuned by Tony & Sons, rewired and painted by Etch & Sons, chrome plating

1971 chevrolet monte carlo chevy 350 engine

two CCE pumps, four CCE accumulators, 6-inch chrome cylinders in front and 12-inch in rear, painted and installed Moog steering components, chrome 1-inch extended A-arms, axle painted, QA1 boxed lower trailing arms, chrome adjustable upper arms, all performed by Etch & Sons

done by Etch & Sons, custom steering wheel from Krazy Kutting, painted pillars, fabricated and painted the rear deck

1971 chevrolet monte carlo black leather interior

Sound System
Bluetooth-fitted retro radio, Kicker components, Kicker amplifier, and two 10-inch subwoofers

13×7 gold and chrome 56-spoke triple-crossed Zeus Wire Wheels, gold and gold engraved knockoffs by Ezekiel Garcia at Precision Engraving, P155/80R13 Travelstars