1968 Chevrolet Impala – Fly Girl

Hip-hop inspired, but lowrider driven

In 1985, a lot of things went down. Ronald Reagan was sworn into office for his second term, Coca-Cola released the New Coke, Back to the Future opened in theaters, and a group called The Boogie Boys released a song called “A Fly Girl,” a song that wound up breaking the Top 10 on the Billboard charts.

Ask Robert Rodriguez, and the Colorado resident will tell you all about it as he’s a huge fan of classic ’80s hip-hop and R&B. Growing up in Southern California, one of Robert’s favorite songs was “A Fly Girl” and he often equated those classic jams with lowrider culture. Hip-hop culture stayed with him when he made the move to Denver where he met Joe Salazar, a custom car builder and master welder. The two quickly became good friends and Robert decided this would be a perfect time to start his passion build.

He located a 1968 Chevy Impala for sale in the neighboring city of Pueblo. On the ride to take a look at the car he asked a friend, “Do you remember that song ‘A Fly Girl’?” and within minutes of asking, it was playing on the radio. Robert decided he would purchase the car and set up a time to come back the next weekend to transport it. On the way back to Pueblo he mentioned that if “A Fly Girl” came back on the radio, he was going to name the car that. Well sure enough it did, and that’s how Fly Girl was created.

Robert decided to play it safe and add a full airbag setup, but it didn’t last long as he realized the sleek lines and curves would work better with hydraulics, as well as making it more period correct. His good friend Salazar added a whammy setup that brings the 1968 to the ground. He brought his new classic to a show in Arizona and met Freddie Nandin of Fabulous Freddie’s and the two agreed on a color and style to coat the new Impala. Robert left the car with him and got a ride back to Colorado. The last step was adding a set of 14-inch Truspokes that set the Impala into a different class.

Throughout the build, Robert has had the pleasure of meeting some of the most creative and influential people, including Joe Salazar, Fabulous Freddie, Allan Wash, Billy Parker, Nick Sanchez, and Chris Conner, and he thanks them for all their help. A special thanks goes to his beautiful wife, Summer, who has been his biggest supporter. Cruising in Fly Girl is something that they regularly do during the hot months in Colorado. Like a breeze on the scene, the voluptuous curves of the 1968 make Robert’s build so much more enticing.

1968 Chevrolet Impala

Vehicle Nickname

Fly Girl


Robert Rodriguez


Denver, CO


mild shave of badges and marker lights, Chevrolet Medium Aqua with Ice Pearl highlights done by Fabulous Freddie’s in Maricopa, Arizona


Rebuilt 350 with mild cam, Edelbrock 4bbl/TH400


Whammy setup with Presto high #9s from Hoppo’s and assembled by Robert, custom removable tray, four group 31 batteries, five switches


Interior restored by Pueblo Auto Trim in 1986

Sound System

Retrosound model 2,400-watt amplifier and one 10-inch Rockford Fosgate subwoofer


Restored 1975 Truspokes by Zeus Wire Wheels, Premium Sportway 5.20s