1968 Buick Le Sabre – The Seven-Day Paintjob

54 rolls of tape and four rolls of paper was enough to make a wet dream.

In high school many of us search for our identity. We look for what completes us and what makes us feel good, and for Jeremy Hanes of Jeffersonville, Indiana, that sense of belonging and completion came by way of joining a car club.

At 17 Jeremy became a member of a club called Lowered Reality. He joined the club along with friends; his entry came by way of his Monte Carlo, which he altered drastically. His first modification was a hydraulic setup and then he got into heavy body mods that included removing the top. Shortly thereafter, he was set to enjoy his ride when the rear end of the car fell off, a minor setback that did little to stop him.

As his dreams of having a classic car grew, his wallet may have not matched his taste but he still purchased what he could afford one car at a time. With each car, his customizing abilities grew and it wasn’t up until he found a diamond in the rough. He located a 1968 Buick La Sabre in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, and the car was perfect. It was what he was looking for and Jeremy tells LRM, “It has big, sexy body lines and it’s not a Chevy Impala like everyone else has.”

The condition of the car wasn’t too bad. It came with a beat-up Chevy small-block, some oversized wheels, and a ripped factory interior. Given Jeremy’s reputation for customization, he knew his plan for the Buick and went to work. At first he added an airbag system, tossed the wheels, and threw some Supremes on it, but that initial makeover wouldn’t last long. Soon he brought the La Sabre to a body shop and had the car brought down to primer, sanding down the body and removing all the rust. At that point the door handles were removed and the locks were shaved off.

To give his new classic a special touch, Jeremy purchased a 2008 Pontiac G8 and removed the entire drivetrain. The LS6 six-speed automatic transmission was added to replace the stock motor. Of course it wasn’t an easy task as he had to weld new motor mounts, cut out the firewall and floorboard. The next step was to re-tunnel the floor for the driveshaft. Once the computer was flashed and the Buick was rewired to handle the new power, it was time to work on the body.

At a loss as to what he wanted to achieve, he began searching for painters to add a custom flare to his Buick. One particular painter who stood out was Sal Manzano who did unique and creative paintwork. The problem was he lived in California and Jeremy was in Indiana. That wasn’t a big issue for Jeremy since he flew Sal down to him, and seven days later a multi-colored blend was laid out using 54 rolls of tape and four rolls of paper.

His next step was altering the suspension and bringing the La Sabre down to the ground. Based on his reputation, Jeremy enlisted Jason Caranto to add a full custom hydraulic setup, including hand-bent hardlines. Once that was complete, he brought the Buick to Hyrum at Bingham Designs in his hometown. Hyrum as a one-man show was able to complete an entire custom interior, including replacing the seats with Ford Explorer chairs in less than a week.

The entire build of Wet Dreams took one full year and was built to absolute perfection. Jeremy wishes to thank everyone who had a hand in the build, including Sal Manzano, Mike Nelson, Scotty Slucher, Tim Lewis, Michael Cranmer, Hyrum Bingham, Midnight Tow, Jason McDonald, his friend Benny, and his good friend Anthony Williams for finding Sal for him. When someone paints a car flawlessly and full of shine it’s often called “wet,” combined with his dream to have the baddest lowrider around, Wet Dreams has fulfilled all expectations.

1968 Buick Le Sabre

Vehicle Nickname

Wet Dreams


Jeremy Hanes


Jeffersonville, IN

Club Affiliation

Those Dudes


LS6 6.0L, Performance pulley, serpentine belt driven system from Billet Specialties, Hooker ceramic-coated headers, custom intake with six-speed automatic transmission done by Mike Nelson and Scotty Slucher at Nelson’s Garage, wiring done by Tim Lewis


PPG Resin; PPG multi-color dye patterns; large medium flake done by Sal Manzano; all trim, locks, and handles shaved; frame sandblasted


Two chrome Hi Lo Competition pumps, four chrome dumps, all chrome fittings, 8- and 10-inch cylinders, hand-bent stainless steel hardlines, four hidden AGM batteries done by Jason Caranto


Dakota Digital gauges, 2004 Ford Explorer seats, full custom interior done by Hyrum at Bingham Designs, custom center console built by Tim Lewis

Sound System

Kenwood double-din head unit, AD Electronics components, two 10-inch AD Electronics subwoofers, 500-watt AD Electronics amplifier, 900-watt AD Electronics amplifier


14×7 Truespokes, 185/75-14 Tiger Paws