If you grew up playing with Hot Wheels, let’s just say you had an amazing childhood. Thinking back, you’re probably reflecting on the good ol’ days in grade school when you couldn’t wait for recess to hit. That was the magical hour when you got to play with your Hot Wheels—and for others it marked the start of negotiations by which you traded others for something new.

1967 chevrolet caprice passenger side view

Far removed from those childhood days, Jesus Rivera found himself in Blythe, California, an unassuming town that borders California and Arizona. Much as they once did, negotiations were on the table, except this time around they were looking to trade fullsize rides. During a conversation with his fellow Groupe Car Club member, George Sanchez, they were looking to deal. That deal was to trade a 1966 Impala convertible for a 1967 Chevy Caprice. After some time, the deal was done, and each would go their separate ways to begin customizing each of their newly acquired trades to make them unmistakably theirs.

1967 chevrolet caprice hydraulic setup

First on Jesus’ lengthy list was the paintjob. It began with a prescription for a custom blend that started off with a House of Kolor Silver base. Followed by that, they doused the vehicle with several gallons of their infamous Kandy Brandy Wine and then threw in the mandatory silver flake, pinstriping and patterns done by Chavo. Inside, the interior features a custom center console tucked between four bucket seats wrapped in suede and leather. Upon inspection, you’ll also find that the vehicle features a load of subtle modifications, such as the coveted 44-inch glass moonroof, power windows, and a bevy of shaved items, including the firewall, door handles, and mirrors. With the original 327 dressed up from top to bottom, it sports a catalog of chrome and billet accessories, while Homies Hydraulics performed a custom fully engraved whammy tank hydraulic setup that sits pretty in the trunk. Making sure the hydraulic system was on point, it was fitted with steel tubing, Marzocchi gears, and colormatched anodizing. Last on the list was a brand-new set of fully engraved 72-spoke, cross-laced Zenith wire wheels, which were then wrapped with a set of whitewall Premium Sportway 5/20-13 tires.

1967 chevrolet caprice engraved wheel center cap

In closing, Jesus’ journey to a fullsized Hot Wheel is proof that we’ll always be obsessed with our toys. And while the drive and obsession remains the same, the only thing that’s changed is the price and size of our toys. So be on the lookout for Jesus as he gets ready to hit the grownup’s playground, better know as the “The Boulevard.”

1967 Chevy Caprice

G Edition

Jesus and Reina Rivera

1967 chevrolet caprice passenger side front view

Car Club

Tucson, AZ

1967 chevrolet caprice gm 327 engine

Original GM 327 with chrome and billet accessories.

Tan suede and leather with custom center console and shaved dash

1967 chevrolet caprice interior

A silver House of Kolor basecoat cover by a Kandy Brandy Wine with silver flake and patterns

Homies built a custom whammy tank setup with engraving, tubing, and anodized accents

1967 chevrolet caprice slow downs hard lines

Fully engraved cross-laced 72-spoke Zenith wire wheels