When Glen Credeur set his sights on building a convertible Impala, he thought nothing could deter him. That was up until he attended his club’s 15th anniversary picnic. “I remember seeing this 1965 Chevy Impala backed at the picnic,” Glen tells Lowrider. “It wasn’t a vert, but it definitely caught my eye.” Thinking it was nothing but a temporary observation, he got back home and began searching for cars, but for some odd reason he couldn’t get that 1965 out of his head.

While browsing online for a classic Chevy convertible, he happened to come across the same car he had seen earlier. It turns out the owner had listed it for sale, and at that moment Glen started having second thoughts about the convertible. On a whim he reached out to the owner, and after negotiating a fair price Glen then found himself the new owner of the Impala SS. The Chevy was bagged, sitting on 22-inch wheels, which wasn’t Glen’s style, so a full makeover was implemented. The larger wheels were replaced with 14-inch reverse spokes and the air ride was promptly removed and replaced with a full hydraulic suspension utilizing two Black Magic pumps in a custom rack he built. Since the car was converted to hydraulics, new springs and trailing arms were added and powdercoated while the trunk was modified to accept a double-reverse hinge, which allows the trunk to swing backward, displaying the new setup.

The Impala had a House of Kolor Orion Silver and to change it up Glen enlisted his good friend Angel Otero to add custom Kandy patterns and a super wet finish. Underhood sat a neglected LS2 in dire need of TLC, so Verrett Motorsports fine-tuned it and mated it to the proper transmission.

Glen then turned his attention to the last remaining area that wasn’t up to par; it was up to Dj Thibodeaux (Reckless Customs) to revamp the interior with plenty of mods. Aside from a custom rear dashboard, a custom center console and the dash was painted and doused in Kandy blue to match the graphics. Final touches come by way of a Krazy Kutting steering wheel as well as white leather seatbelts with a dash of blue piping to tie it all in.

Glen wishes to thank his wife, Penny, for supporting his love for the lowrider lifestyle. Always making sure that whatever he builds makes a statement, Penny has been his ride or die for 19 years strong. Together they are raising two girls, Aryn and Lany, and teaching them about building your dreams and never giving up. Glen also wishes to thank all his club brothers from Low 4 Life’s Lafayette chapter and his painters Dj Thibodeaux and Angel and Tony Otero. A special thanks goes to Jonathan Verrett and Toyo Rosas from the mother chapter in Michigan, and Alberto “Pido” Garcia from the Dallas chapter. They both were the driving force to take his Chevy to the next level. From his initial passion and dream of building a convertible, it took Glen a “Second Thought” to switch and make a lifted bagged vehicle something that can be admired by a different culture.

1965 Chevy Impala SS

Second Thoughts

Glen Credeur

Lafayette, LA

Low 4 Life

LS2 6.0L, custom-built air intake, K&N filter, aluminum radiator, twin 10-inch chrome electric fans, billet battery holder, chrome brake booster

House of Kolor Orion Silver, Kandy blue patterns, LED light conversion, double-hinged trunk

Two-pump Black Magic setup, three Duralast DP31 batteries

White interior, blue piping, Kandy Cobalt-painted dash, Krazy Kutting custom steering wheel, AutoMeter gauges

Kenwood head unit, PPI 6.5s in doors and back panels, Kicker CVX 15-inch subwoofer, Memphis amplifiers

14×7 reverse, all-chrome wire wheels, 175/75R14 radials