1965 Chevrolet Impala Wagon – Space Invader

This gigantic wagon is an incredible throwback in time

There’s a certain level of nostalgia when you look back at your childhood. For Jesus Tostado of Magna, Utah, he remembers as far back as 8 years old. A time when his uncle Beto would pick him up and cruise around his hometown of Tijuana, Mexico, in his 1965 wagon. “I remember it like it was yesterday, “Jesus tells LRM. “It was just a beautiful car and I have such great memories.” When Jesus turned 17, his family moved to Utah for a better life and prosperity.

His older brother purchased a 1965 Impala SS, the same year as his uncle’s wagon. Jesus would constantly help his brother on maintenance and anything mechanical he could help with. One day they decided to go to the junkyard for some parts for the SS and Jesus located something in the corner of the junkyard. He found a beaten up, abandoned 1965 Chevy Impala wagon. It immediately brought him back to his childhood and he did everything he could to purchase the decrepit vehicle.

After paying $800 for the body and frame, he brought the classic back to his place and began using his knowledge and resources to make it into a respectable lowrider. He enlisted Jose Ortiz to remove and rebuild the motor and transmission to get the Chevy on the road. Because the car had been sitting for years, rust had become a problem, so the next step was removing all the rust and cleaning up the body. Jesus got his hands dirty, adding all the suspension work along with his brother, Leo.

The amount of time and dedication it took to bring “Lola” back from the dead was remarkable. Jesus wishes to thank everyone who had a hand in the build, including Jose Tostado, Adrian Mendoza, Andres Vigil Moco, Jordan Saldivar, his uncle, Beto, his father, Jesus Tostado Sr. and his children, Ashley, Xochiti, and Santiago. Jesus plans on giving Lola to his son Santiago to carry on the tradition when he becomes old enough to drive.

1965 Chevy Impala Wagon

Vehicle Nickname



Jesus & Santiago Tostado


Magna, UT

Car Club

Firme Image


House of Kolor Kandy Organic Green, silver basecoat, pinstripe and airbrush by Los Designs


327 built by Jose Ortiz, chrome plating by Crown Plating


three Hi-Low pumps, blocks, and caps painted to match, hard lines, 8-inch cylinders in front and 14-inch in rear, eight marine batteries all done by Jesus and Leo Tostado


OG style done by Rubes Upholstery with House of Kolor Kandy Organic Green dashboard and steering wheel

Sound System

Pioneer head unit, Pioneer components


Luxor Wire Wheels, P155/80R13 Travelstar tires