1965 Cadillac Coupe De Ville – From Tragedy to Triumph

How a dark situation turned into the guiding light for the owner of this Coupe De Ville.

Life will always present us with challenge and adversity but what counts is not how hard the problems come, but more so how we are able to pick ourselves up and move on. This is what life is all about and what defines us. These same struggles are what help mold boys into men, girls into women, and it is only through self-realization, self-awareness, and self-improvement that we can become stronger. Thus is the case for Minnesota resident Scottie Schaefer, also known as “Scottie Prez,”

Scottie knows all too well about moving forward. When Scottie was a young boy he learned about the lowrider lifestyle by simply sitting back and observing. “I was just mesmerized by the style of these cars,” Scottie tells LRM. “It was an art and I fell in love with the culture.” That same passion and fervor lived on until 1999-that’s the year he decided to pick up a 1965 Cadillac Coupe De Ville, and that’s the year he went from being a spectator to a player.

For a couple of years, Scottie drove it everywhere as he was collecting funds to make it his own creation. When the money was right, he dropped it off at a shop to start executing his plans.

Some time thereafter, Scottie, along with a few friends, went to grab a few drinks and while on the way back home he was shot in the back while he was exiting. He was the innocent bystander in a drive-by shooting and even though he was not the intended target, the bullet wound up penetrating his back and lung with the bullet stopping at his heart.

With his Cadillac in the shop, Scottie began a hard and long road to recovery and that’s when his close friend Kevin Desrosier had the Cadillac removed from the first shop and started working on it himself. Once Scottie was released from the hospital, he joined Kevin and the two tore the Cadillac down to the frame, rebuilding it from the ground up, adding a full hydraulic suspension and fixing all the bodywork and painting it with the help of Mike Wiech.

The next step was adding some more giddy-up to the heavy coupe’s motor. An upgraded transmission was installed and all the chrome plating was done by Juan Marino of New Image Chrome. When it came time to upgrade the cabin, Scottie turned to none other than Bigg Sean from Top Stitch Upholstery to completely transform the stock look into an almost unrecognizable masterpiece.

The motivation to finish the Cadillac was propelled by the tragedy from that one night downtown. Oftentimes it takes something of that magnitude to make you realize what is important in your life. That importance was found in his family and bringing a creative art piece that he fell in love with to fruition.

Scottie wishes to thank everyone who helped along the way, either through words or their work, including LOWRIDER’s own editor Joe Ray, his good friend Kevin Desrosier, Mike Wiech from Key Collision, Sean Henderson “Bigg Sean” from Top Stitch Upholstery, Mark from Yellow Dog Upholstery, Anthony Onnen from Midwest Auto Customs, Juan Marino from New Image Chrome, his car club Midwest Outlaws, and all his family. Blue Diamond shines brighter with accomplishment throughout the Midwest.

1965 Cadillac Coupe De Ville

Vehicle Nickname

Blue Diamond


Scottie Schaefer


Minneapolis, MN

Club Affiliation

Midwest Outlaws


shaved firewall, handles, emblems and locks; Axalta Impulse Blue done by Mike Wiech at Key Collision in Bloomington, Minnesota; silver satin cloth convertible top done by Mark at Yellow Dog Upholstery; HID headlights; LED taillights with blue reverse, wrapped frame; blue lighting underneath; custom front grille; rearend shortened to fit wheels


429ci V-8, custom transmission adaptor, 700-R4 transmission, Vintage air conditioning system, chrome-plated disc brakes, driveshaft, calipers and rotors, chrome inner fenders, internal engine work done by Sharadon Performance assembled by Kevin Desrosier


wrapped frame, four Pro Hopper pumps chrome and gold plated, 12×2 Power deep-cycle batteries, custom-built battery and pump rack, uppers and lowers all chromed, extended and wrapped by Kevin Desrosier


silver vinyl; blue double-stitched diamonds; blue piping; Cadillac emblems with “65 Deville” in seats done by Bigg Sean at Top Stitch Upholstery in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Dakota Digital gauges

Sound System

Clarion NZ503 head unit, JL Audio components, JL Audio W7 12-inch subwoofers in custom vinyl box in trunk, JL Audio amplifier all done by Anthony Onen of Midwest Auto Customs in Minneapolis, Minnesota


14×7 Dayton Wire Wheels, P175/70R14 Hankook Mileage Plus tires