Raised by loving parents in the Big Apple, Pedro Nunez shared his fondest childhood memories as he spoke about his father driving around their 1965 Impala. At the time it was simply a mode of transportation (as his parents weren’t into custom cars) but later in life Pedro’s familiarity with classic cars became infused with a taste of lowriding shortly after he fell in love. While living in New York as an operations manager for Delta Airlines, Pedro met a woman who lived in Florida and they became romantically involved. He traveled to Florida a few times a month to spend time with her, which is when he began noticing the growing lowrider culture found in both cities that later became the inspiration for the build you see here.

“I wanted to find [a car] that paid homage to my father, but I also wanted something that I could get in and cruise anytime I wanted,” Pedro tells Lowrider. An online search landed him in Texas where he found a 1964 Chevy Impala. The price was right, the deal was done, and it was shipped to his girlfriend’s house in Florida rather than to New York where he wouldn’t be able to enjoy it as much.

Wanting to be closer to his girl and car, Pedro requested for a transfer to Delta’s other location in Hollywood, Florida. Once settled, Pedro started on his ride and brought the Impala to the only place doing suspension work at the time, Red’s Hydraulics in Miami. Frank at Red’s added a full hydraulic suspension. As the car sat, the glaring Florida sun wreaked havoc on the white paint, so Pedro opted to have the entire classic restored. After an extensive search, Pedro found Rebel Restoration in Miami where Mr. Sandy took the reins. The entire Impala was torn apart and all the bodywork was performed. The floors were changed, along with the hood, and everything was straightened.

Pedro just wasn’t feeling the factory white paint so he requested that Rebel Restoration switch it up to his favorite color: Indigo Blue. In the process, his friend Keoni Teixiera added blue paint to the inside trim and added some side skirts to give the classic a sleeker appeal. From there Mr. Sandy painted the engine block to match the exterior and Pedro himself added a full chrome dress-up kit to the motor to have it stand out from the stock look. With everything coming together he soon realized the factory interior needed a jump, so he contacted Edison Upholstery to have all the stock material removed and replaced with blue and white leather. The door panels, carpet, and headliner were also replaced and customized to blend into the new motif. For custom sounds he turned to his friends at Acrylic Concepts. The team added custom kick panels for the Focal components as well as a custom subwoofer enclosure built into the truck for the 10-inch subwoofers. While the trunk was being constructed, Martian added custom panels for a cleaner look. Martian worked his expertise by constructing an entire new hydraulic setup, including a Black Magic whammy system and bent hardlines for the show look. Torres Automotive Group installed the newly designed setup and the Impala was brought to the ground.

Pedro wishes to thank every person and company who had a hand in helping him create his dream that spanned over a 20-year build. He wishes to thank his loving parents, Regina and Lepido, who are no longer with us, for all their support growing up and giving him the perseverance to never give up. As a member of 25th Street Riders based out of the Hollywood area in Florida, Pedro maintains a level of professionalism and class in and out of his custom Impala. His mother had an affectionate nickname for Pedro—El Pepe—so when asked what he wanted to name his lowrider, without hesitation he named it El Pepe 64.

1964 Chevy Impala SS

El Pepe 64

Pedro Nunez

Hollywood, FL

25th Street Riders

327 ci, chrome upgrades, Powerglide transmission

Nason Indigo Blue done by Rebel Restoration in Hollywood, Florida; chrome plating by Hialeah Plating; LED lighting

Whammy tank by Black Magic, endcaps by Hoppo’s, LV Image dumps by Black Magic, hardlines done by Martian Man Designs, four Deka batteries, installed by Torres Automotive Garage in Miami

Blue and white leather on seats and panels done by Edison Upholstery, interior trim painted by Keoni Teixiera

Alpine MP3 player, four Focal 6.5s, two 10-inch Arc Audio subwoofers, two Masconi amplifiers installed by Martian and Acrylic Concepts

72-spoke cross-laced Zenith Wire Wheels with Premium Sportway 5.20s