Completed just two months prior to this shoot, Jesse Yepez is now the proud owner of this 1964 Impala he calls “Mala Suerte.” It’s a clean hardtop doused in hues of Candyapple Red, but getting here was no easy journey. It all started when Jesse purchased the 1964 from a friend who was going through some hard times. In part of taking over the build, he also received harsh criticism from taking over a “halfway-built” project; but Jesse kept his eyes on the prize and intended to finish the build regardless of the shade being thrown his way.

The build process was anything but smooth, and Jesse can tell you firsthand that “it was a never-ending pattern.” He adds, “I’d take a step forward just to take two steps back; to be honest it felt as if someone had put a curse on me.” Nonetheless, no major setback could stop him from completing the mission at hand and along with the support of his boys and his wife the final outcome is one that anyone could easily be proud of.

Now that the car is built and ready for show, the entire process is one Jesse doesn’t regret. He is in high hopes that his sons learned a valuable lesson about persistence and is awaiting the day they start building lowriders of their own. These are the lessons that come with the admission price of building a lowrider, and that is how we continue to grow a lifestyle and a legacy that was built and nurtured by those who came along before us.

1964 Chevrolet Impala

Vehicle Nickname
Mala Suerte

Jesse Yepez

Covina, CA


327 with a four-barrel Holly carb, Summit Racing chrome alternator, SBC ball-milled valve covers, oval air filter cover, and EverStart battery

House of Kolor Candyapple Red with multi-color patterns

Three-pump and four-battery setup

Cream-colored original interior kit

Pioneer head unit with four 6×9-inch Pioneer speakers

13×7 100-spoke Daytons with Travelstar tires

Alex Melendez, Ricardo Munoz, Joe Herrera, Fernando Herrera, John Hanggee, and Stereo USA