1964 Chevrolet Impala – The Brotherhood

When your brother has your back, there's no telling what he'll do next

The 1964 Chevrolet Impala is arguably the most coveted lowrider of all time. Regardless of age, it’s the lowrider many of us dream of owning. For Julio Morales, it’s almost as if he was destined to own one. Throughout his childhood he recalls seeing all the hard work his father put into his own 1964 Impala. During those informative years, the time he spent handing his father tools and observing the passion became a spark that turned into a smoldering fire.

Sometime later, his older brother, Robert, purchased a 1964 of his own. “It’s as if it was a family tradition,” Julio says. In time, Robert purchased yet another lowrider; this time around he scored on a convertible 1964 Impala Super Sport. Excited that another family member was introduced, he was just happy to be around it, but to Julio’s surprise, his brother eventually gifted him his old hardtop, thus allowing Julio to move from the passenger chair into the driver seat.

No journey is without its setbacks, and Julio soon found out what it takes to build an award-winning masterpiece. For starters, it took three attempts to get the paintjob right. The final version is made up of several gallons of House of Kolor candies. The custom blend of Sea Breeze Green was mixed with varied flake sizes and laid down by Pelon’s Auto Art, who also put down the artwork to the sides, top, and trunk. The interior was replaced with a Mint Green vinyl and redone in its original stitching. No bolt was left untouched, they were all either replaced or refinished. A set of original Dayton Wire Wheels was powdercoated to match the vehicle’s exterior. No self-respecting lowrider is complete until it lays as close to the floor as possible. In order to achieve that, Julio decided to install a Universal Air airbag suspension system with four switches to activate the front, back, side to side.

Becoming a legitimate lowrider can never be inherited, no matter how many cars your family has. It is earned by conceptualizing your own car, start to finish, with every attention to detail taken. For Julio, this car was that rite of passage … all his own. Every project takes patience and unconditional support from your friends and family. For all those who helped, Julio would like to say thank you, especially to his brother Rob, longtime friend Juan, and to all of the Members Only Car Club family.

1964 Chevrolet Impala


The Grinch


Julio C. Morales


Carlsbad, CA

Car Club

Members Only


Original 327 with Edelbrock accessories and glasspack exhaust


Sea Breeze Green with green microflake and accenting murals on the doorjambs


Original Canadian X-frame with an airbag setup featuring four switches


Original vinyl stitching and flaked dashboard


Refurbished Dayton Wire Wheels mounted onto 520 Premium Sportways