Lowriding is a family affair built upon the support structure of friends and family. It’s a tedious process that tests the patience of all involved, and a ritual that often finds us explaining ourselves to our better halves. But every once in a while you’ll hear about the lucky few who are blessed with partners who are there in full support, and Tony Adkins is what I call one of the lucky few. Not only does his wife stand behind his passion for lowriding, she also happens to be responsible for finding this 1964 Impala Super Sport-and even talked him into purchasing it. Granted, the car had a long way to go before it looked like it does today, but together they turned this classic American treasure into an award-winning work of art.

To kick off the revamp, the original 327 was rebuilt. Along the way they installed a barrage of parts from Edelbrock. The engine is now nestled in a painted engine bay with chrome fenderwells and outside the folks at Diamond Touch in Southgate performed a brilliant paintjob. It was there they applied the Pearl Evergreen to the body while the roof was treated to a tape shade, ghost, and multicolored patterns. California Upholstery worked their magic by combining leather and suede to create a one-of-a-kind custom interior. Among the many attributes the car has to offer, one of Tony’s favorite setups can be found in the trunk. Inside you’ll find a two-pump Pro Hopper setup with Adex dumps, four switches, eight batteries, and a flawless install that guarantees applause.

While Tony would like to thank all the members from Chevrolet Car Club, it is his wife, Annette, who really deserves the recognition. Thanks to her, the lowrider that put him on the map eventually led to being featured in this magazine.

1964 Chevy Impala Super Sport


Tony Adkins

Granada Hills, CA


Original 1964 327 with powerglide and glasspack exhaust

Evergreen color combination with a ghosted pearl top

Chrome undercarriage with a custom chrome four-pump setup

Leather and suede with custom door handles by California Upholstery

Original 13-inch, 100-spoke, all-chrome Dayton wire wheels