1964 Chevrolet Impala Convertible – Fourever Young

Tired of the shop drama, three brothers take on this project with heart, soul, and YouTube

“Where’s Brooklyn at? Where’s Brooklyn at?” was the famous question the Notorious B.I.G. asked before he started his freestyle with Tupac at Madison Square Garden, and it was the first thing that used to come to my mind when I thought of Brooklyn. Prior to that, the only things I associated with Brooklyn were pizza, subways, and graffiti, but now things are changing, thanks to three West Indian brothers who made sure to remind me that Brooklyn should be respected and associated with lowriding as well.

The youngest of the trio is Danny who owns this 1964 rag. When Danny was 10 years old his older brothers began hanging out with the fellas from Drastic Auto Club. He joined them at every club meeting, car show, and cruise night and from the get-go he knew he had to partake in the lifestyle. “As a kid, I could remember seeing cars with hydraulics and being amazed,” Danny explains. When he finished schooling in 2010 he began looking for a project C10. “At the time my brother had just bought a 1963 Impala and convinced me to look for an Impala instead of a C10, so I did.”

He found this 1964 rag in New Jersey. The original owner had just passed and his kids got rid of it, so Danny bought it, juiced it, and enjoyed it like that for a couple years. He decided to fully rebuild the car but didn’t know were to start. With limited choices in the East Coast, he decided to take it to a shop in North Carolina. “The shop had produced a couple of cars that made it into the pages of Lowrider, so I felt comfortable sending it there.” After three years and very little progress made, he decided to go down there with his brother and retrieve the car.

The time and money lost during his first experience was disheartening but he decided to take his losses and keep moving. Not wanting to go through that again, he, along with his brother Tage, decided to rent out a little garage, and with the help of a car manual and the Internet they decided to work on the car themselves. The two went through the whole car, managing to fix everything from the wiring harness, engine tuning, and body alignment. The two didn’t have much, if any, knowledge about building an Impala but they were able to learn and do a majority of the work themselves. They did seek out help from several shops in order to finish the car. Big Serg Customs did the bodywork, laid the paint and helped install the setup that was built in Cali by Hoppos. Ralph & John’s Auto helped fine-tune the TPI and Jorge Bonilla for the beat.

Aside from arming Brooklyn with yet another fine lowrider, this story also shows that anything is possible so long as you invest the time, heart, and patience into what you’re doing. Of course, YouTube comes in handy, so use it to your advantage and take on the world because it’s yours for the taking.

1964 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

Vehicle Nickname

Fourever Young


Danny Guptar


Brooklyn, NY


Drastic Auto Club


V-8 327 5.4L with stock TPI off a Corvette, March pulley system kit/water pump/alternator/custom-built air cleaner with motorcycle air breathers, CFR radiator/electric fan, Summit Racing wires, ceramic-coated ram horn headers, and Optima red-top battery


PPG Aqua Mineral Blue


Wrapped frame with 3/4-inch extended arms and a Ford 9-inch rearend. The setup is two all-chrome, gravity-fed Hoppo’s pumps, four Adex dumps, two blocks, two slowdown valves, and four Deka batteries


Ciadella vinyl seats with hardtop inserts in a light metallic blue color. Also Dakota Digital VHX series gauges, color bar, and the A/C controls were moved to where the stock radio is normally


Pioneer head unit, two JL Audio HD amps, four 6.5-inch JL Audio mids in custom kick panels, and a single 10-inch JL Audio W7


13×7 72-spoke Daytons with Premium Sportway 5.20s