The entertainment industry plays a significant role in culture, specifically in youth culture. They influence the way we look, it changes the way we identify with ourselves, and it’s a trip to see how things have changed. In the late ’80s many of us looked like reincarnations of Eazy-E with the Raiders cap and baggy pants, and today, we’ve got teenagers with skinny jeans so tight that it seems to have interrupted their blood flow so much that they’re unsure who they are. It’s a weird generation—or I’m just old, but my generation didn’t have these issues. I grew up to drug-dealing music, and today all I hear is drug-using music. But that’s what makes us old school. Our values are different, our standards a hell of a lot higher, and Eric “E-Dogg” Nelson knows. Movies like Boyz N The Hood, Menace II Society, and music videos from Ice Cube and Eazy-E are what he knew, and what he took from it was the art of lowriding—a lifestyle he still lives and breathes today.

The influence of those movies made E-Dogg want a lowrider and he’s had six-foe since high school. In fact, his first one was stolen back in 2001 and just two months later he bounced back. He found this one here for $3,500 on 8-mile and immediately went to work on it. He threw on a candy green paintjob, juiced it, and started riding. Two years later he gas-hopped into a fire hydrant, but it didn’t put him out of the game, it merely paused it. Upon his rebuild, he came back harder than ever before, and to his surprise, the car not only landed him plenty of fanfare but also his soon-to-be wife, Betty Bowtie. “I was asked to bring my car out to a lowrider clothing brand shoot and that’s where I met her,” Eric says. It was at that shoot that he took his shot, and the rest, as they say, will become history as the soon-to-be married couple hop over anything life throws their way.

1964 Chevrolet Impala

The Chronic

Eric Nelson

Detroit, MI


350 small-block with Edelbrock carb, polished aluminum intake, Tuff-Stuff alternator, MSD wires/distributor, Shorty’s headers, Flowmaster exhaust, Champion radiator and electric dual fans

Custom Shop chronic green pearl with green silver and yellow patterns

Ford 9-inch axle with 4-ton springs, 2-inch extended arms, extended trailing arms, four Pro-Hopper pumps with Italian and Adex dumps, and 12 31-series batteries

Original black kit with partial leather from Cars Inc.

Pioneer stereo with two 6×9-inch Pioneer speakers

13×7 centergold with 155/80 Milestar tires

Fellow Majestics brothers