All it takes is one person to influence someone to get interested in a hobby or lifestyle, and for Tomas Aguilar, it was his uncle’s passion for classic cars and lowriding that got him hooked. It all started when his uncle rolled up to his home with a lowrider. It was love at first sight when he saw the low-slung car turn the corner. As time passed, his interest became so overwhelming that he needed to take it to the next level and that’s when Tomas started with an ’81 Regal as well as a few other platforms including a ’64 Impala. Each car he built has his own signature style, but it all changed decades later when his wife spotted a 1964 Buick Riviera that was up for sale.

The sheer site of the car triggered him to throw out an offer and it soon became a part of his growing collection, but this car was special. It was to be built as a graduation present for his son Adrian, which was just a year and a half away, so he started the process and took his time to ensure it was to done properly. Tomas added Black Magic hydraulics and completely overhauled the engine. In the final step, the car was doused in black and finished off by hammering on a set of 14-inch custom Zenith wire wheels from Robert’s Tires and Wheels.

Fast-forward to present day, Tomas finds joy in watching his son cruise the city streets and thrilled that his son enjoys the lifestyle. He always believed that lowriding was more about bringing the family together than it was about the flash and pizazz of the car itself.

1964 Buick Riviera

Adrian’s Ride

Tomas Aguilar

Car Club
Show Off C.C.

Denver, CO

Original 455 rebuilt to factory specs

Red leather featuring original stitching and factory patterns

Midnight Black with a heavy dose of HOK Clear by Aguilar Designs

Black Magic 2 pump set up with four switches

14-inch chrome Zenith wire wheels from Robert’s Tires and Wheels