While many have been around the lowrider community for years, or even decades, only few have earned the true respect of being called an “OG.” Earned by years of dedication to the lowrider lifestyle, many have been around, built a car, maybe two, cruised all the local boulevards, entered all the must go to shows, and some have even ended up on the pages of this same magazine. But one person in particular has accrued a resume like no other.

For decades, Andy Sapien of Montebello, California, has been associated with some of the most famous lowriders ever built. Cars like “Dress To Kill,” “Crazy Camino,” and the renowned Lowrider of the Year “Penthouse” are just a few of the cars he has personally built or been a substantial part of, and if that wasn’t enough, he’s been building his personal cars all the way back to 1978 when he first joined the legendary Lifestyle Car Club—a 1963 Impala, a 1979 Candy Magenta Cougar, and his latest creation, a 1964 Buick Riviera, which was coincidently gifted to him by fellow car club member Art Avalos.

His latest project would undeniably be a reflection of Andy’s historic lowrider career. Known for his subtle yet extreme mods, Andy crafted a host of custom touches on the Rivi, including the shaving of the rain gutters, door handles, and keyholes. The new sleek look would be a perfect canvas for the custom-blended PPG blue paint with pearl and pinstriping accents. The trunk was fitted with a new Hoppo’s two-pump setup powered by a pair of Optima batteries. The renowned Bob and Son’s upholstery covered the interior, headliner, and trunk with their famous biscuit-tuck interior adorned with mirrors, which also flowed down the custom center console. Andy’s pride and joy is the vehicle’s engine, which was built by Mr. Soto of A&S Auto. There, the 1978 350 Chevy small-block would be incorporated with not one but three two-barrel Edelbrock carburetors, along with a multitude of chrome upgrades, 700R transmission, and a completely refinished engine bay. Like most lowrider projects, this one came to a conclusion with the installation of new set of 13×7 chrome Dayton Wire Wheels, which were then mounted onto the mandatory 5.20 whitewall tires. With several new projects in the works, it seems like Andy will continue to remind us why he has earned his place in lowrider folklore.

On that note, a wise man once told me: “Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you’re an OG,” and that just about sums it up correctly because in this game it’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality of the cars you’ve built, the relationships you’ve created, and the souls you’ve touched.

So congrats on the feature, OG.

1964 Buick Riviera

Misty Blue

Andy Sapien

Montebello, CA


1978 Chevy 350 with three double-barrel carburetors and 400 trans

PPG blue pearl over shaved rain gutters, door handles, and keyholes

Two chrome Hoppo’s pumps powered by Optima batteries

Original Bob and Son’s custom biscuit tuck seats with mirrored console and headliner

All chrome 72-spoke Dayton Wire Wheels mounted onto 5.20 Premium Sportway tires