For most growing up in New Zealand spotting an American car is quite the rarity, but not for Andrew Lister. You see, Andrew didn’t have to go far to see one because he was literally surrounded by them because his father used to build and race late-model ’30s Chevys. This not only gave Andrew a deep appreciation for classic cars, but left him with a growing desire that would eventually have him trading hands with a few of his own classic cars.

“I’ve owned many classic cars but I didn’t get my first Impala (a 1964) until 2003,” Andrew says. That very same Impala wound up being featured in a film called North County, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise since his wife Niki Caro was the director. Soon thereafter, his wife’s career moved the family to Los Angeles where she landed the a job as the director for McFarland USA, a movie that not only won critical acclaim but landed yet another “car role” for his other lowrider, which happened to be a jaw-dropping Glasshouse.

But the added glitz and glam wasn’t enough. Andrew still yearned for a 1963 Impala, so right after the movie was done he began his search. It was only five years ago when he found the perfect candidate. So the deal was done and in the words of Andrew, “Everything about the car was perfect, except for one thing: It was red, and I hate the color red.”

While painting the car silver was on the very top of his list, his in-laws came to visit from New Zealand so he decided to hold off. “I took them cruising in it with the top down when the brakes gave out in Hollywood Hills and we had to yell and wave people out of the way to avoid crashing.” Luckily, they survived, with nothing serious happening, but that incident put the mechanical integrity of the vehicle as a top priority, so he had Vazquez Garage iron out all the kinks.

Once the car was mechanically sound, LR stripped the Impala down to bare metal. While parts were sent to chrome, the car was doused in silver paint prior to Alberto Herrera throwing in some murals to complete the exterior look. Inside, the cockpit has been enhanced with a fresh new interior by Roberto’s Upholstery.

The rebuild was a no-expense spared process, which has been executed to elevated standards; and it was all worth it. You see this is the car that Andrew had always dreamed about. “This exact model is my dream car, so I bit the bullet and dropped the money to have it built right because this is the car of my life; well unless I get an offer I can’t refuse,” Andrew says.

That said, we’re hoping that someone will give the man an offer he can’t refuse because we’d like to see what Mr. Lister comes up with next. Then again, a fresh new build wouldn’t be contingent upon him selling that specific car, so we’re highly anticipating his next vehicular creation because he’s got an eye for detail that is unmatched. Then again we’d expect nothing less from a man who also happens to be a world-renowned architect who has created some of the most visually stimulating architecture—and lowriders—the world has seen.

We’ll keep you posted.

1963 Chevrolet Impala

Vehicle Nickname
Stay Gold

Andrew Lister

Los Angeles, CA

All-original 283ci with MagnaFlow muffler

PPG Deltron brilliant silver, fine metallic

Two 5-gallon tanks with two ViAir 444 compressors

Black vinyl in original pattern

Alpine Bluetooth stereo with Rockford Fosgate amp, Focal 6.5-inch speakers, and 12-inch Rockford Fosgate subwoofer

14×7 Truespokes with 5.20 Premium Sportways