Bright, loud, and unadulterated may be the best way to describe “Cochina,” the 1963 Impala owned by Sean Daly of Albuquerque, New Mexico. As the owner of several custom vehicles, he’s built his fair share of rides, including a 1983 Coupe De Ville and a 2001 Lincoln Town Car, better known to some as “The Gottie Edition”-a car that was eventually traded in a deal to get this 1963.

As a result, the Impala underwent a four-year transformation. He decided to take the car down to the bare frame and what followed was a journey he’ll never forget. Sean himself painted the two-stage candy purple paint, then called in custom painter “Blast” to lay down patterns, silver leafing, and pinstripes to complement the Impala’s body lines.

To help the car’s sitting position, he installed dual CCE pumps and four Optima batteries, all of which were color-coordinated to match the exterior. Needing a little boost, he plucked the 283 in favor of a 350 that had been overhauled by Anderson Machine Shop. Prior to installing the new powerplant, he went one step further by shaving the engine bay and cleaning up the wiring harness.

Final alterations came by way of a set of engraved knockoffs done by “Eazy” out of Dallas, all the while getting a truckload of chrome done by the Chrome Shop. In his final step, he had Chito’s Upholstery revamp the once-faded-and-abused interior into what you see here. And whereas most have a list to thank, Sean points out that he’d like to thank the entire lowrider movement for giving him the inspiration, dedication, and patience to give this cochina a clean start and a bright future.

1963 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport


Sean Daly

Albuquerque, NM

Rollerz Only

350 V-8

Candy purple with pink patterns

Two CCE pumps and four Optima batteries

Custom purple vinyl with pink suede insert

Audio control deck with four JL amps and two 8-inch Sundown woofers

100-spoke 13×7 wire wheels with two Wing knock-offs and Firestone FR-380 tires