1963 Chevrolet Impala – A Legacy Lives On

A Celebration of Life, Love & Lowriding

“Built not bought.” “No trailer queens.” “Sundays were made for cruising.” These are just a few of the slogans commonly used within the car community, and things are no different when it comes to lowriding. These slogans define our outlook on the lifestyle, and for Miguel Orozco, lowriding isn’t something he did, it’s something he does. As an active member of the lowrider community, Miguel first earned his stripes by building a lowrider bike—a bike that he proudly displayed at shows. From there, he graduated to a much larger platform, which came by way of his beloved 1963 Chevy Impala.

As a member of the Desirable Ones Car Club, he knew he had to go all out to live up to their standards, so the project would require the assistance of friends and family. Once he dropped a line for help, the power of his network came to life and everyone from fellow car club members to longtime friends came out of the woodwork to make his dreams come true.

As with many builds, an abundance of Budweiser tall cans and tracks from the Delfonics and Stylistics played an important role, and it all got kick-started by Ernando Damien who would take on the task of rebuilding the 350 small-block. Once rebuilt, he threw on a complete chrome dress-up kit, pulleys, and intake. Ernando would also go on to install the twin-pump Black Magic hydraulic setup with three dumps and polished hard lines. From there, Daniel Gomez would lay down an Ice Blue pearl over the custom-patterned top, which Felix Designz would pinstripe.

With new chrome trims and 13×7 Zenith wire wheels ready to be installed, the finishing touches on the original Sky Blue interior were added but for Miguel, the project was far from complete. He was set on acquiring every accessory his car came with, a mission that soon became an obsession. His eventual list of N.O.S. items would include a handheld spotlight, tissue dispenser, power windows, and color bar, just to name a few. So with his plaque up and oldies playing, Miguel, aka “Doggy Dog,” was finally off to cruise down the world famous Las Vegas strip.

Unfortunately, after a few cruises down the infamous strip, it is with heavy hearts that we were soon notified that Miguel died shortly after completing his build. And while we’re glad to hear that he was able to complete his dreams it’s yet another reminder about the frailty of life. Miguel’s passing will forever remind us about the brevity of life, but he didn’t go alone. Along with him, went a piece of each of us who were lucky enough to know him. He lived each day of life as if it were a party, and he was always surrounded by loved ones in his garage—a place that doubled as his sanctuary of peace.

So to “Doggy Dog,” we raise our glasses high and salute a family man and a fellow lowriding enthusiast who brought out the best in each us. He will never be forgotten, and as we celebrate his build, as well as his life, all I can say is that we’ll see you soon. Until we cruise again, brother.

1963 Chevy Impala


Miguel Orozco

Car Club

Desirable Ones


Las Vegas, NV


1979 Chevy 350 outfitted with chrome intake/headers, pulley kit, and polished stainless steel tubing


Wicho’s Custom Upholstery installed the original Sky Blue interior


Daniel Gomez sprayed the Ice Blue Pearl over the patterned rooftop with Felix Dezigns adding multiple pinstripe color combinations


Partially wrapped stock frame with a custom chrome two-pump Black Magic hydraulic setup.


72 spoke Zenith 13×7 wire wheels wrapped with Premium Sport whitewall 5.20 tires.