Not all kids grow up having pictures of Lambos and Ferraris pinned to their walls, and Leroy Lucero is a prime example. Cut from a different cloth, Leroy grew up reading Lowrider magazine and his appreciation for classic cars became obvious when his car of choice became the 1963 Impala convertible.

Fast-forward a few decades later and Leroy found himself skimming social media when he took notice of a friend who posted up a picture of his dream car. Envious, to say the least, he asked his friend if he wanted to sell the 1963 and the answer was a flat-out no. Not one to back down, he asked again and again until one day his friend finally agreed and they settled on a price. The only problem was it was located some 2,000 miles away.

After finding a good transport company at a reasonable rate, the car was on its way. As soon as it touched ground, he took it out for a shakedown and immediately followed it up with a teardown. The car was complete and had no rust, but the body and paint were in really rough shape, so he had it stripped down to bare metal. At that point, Leroy, along with Phong Nguyen-Vo, gave the tattered body a good straightening. Round after round, they’d long block the car until it was ready for paint, which is when James Jaramillo was contracted to lay down the Harvest Moon Beige (a color he had seen on a hot rod).

With the paint done and drivetrain installed it was time for a new custom interior, so a custom black interior was installed, but then things changed. He had second thoughts on the way it looked so Chito’s Upholstery gutted it once more and had it revamped in beige. After taking the family out for its maiden voyage there was something missing. The car was void of action, so he took the car to Straight Street Automotive where Sean Daly and crew hardlined two Black Magic pumps and four batteries to get the car sitting right.

A clean build, to say the least, the highlight of Leroy’s build was attending the Lowrider Super Show and afterward hitting the infamous strip with the top down and his family by his side.

1963 Chevrolet Impala

Vehicle Nickname

Leroy Lucero


350 Chevrolet

Harvest Moon Beige

Two Black Magic Pumps, 8- and 12-inch cylinders, four batteries

Custom Beige interior and trunk

13×7 Chrome Zeniths with 5.20 tires

Wife Adriana Rodriguez-Lucero, kids Juan, Joel, and Aliyahnie