1963 Chevrolet Impala Convertible – Teal Tomorrow

Built for today in hopes that it affects the future of tomorrow

Growing up in a household of 10 forces you to be unique. It pushes you to find your identity and carve your own path; and for Paulino Garcia, it did just that. Growing up, Paulino knew that he wanted stand out. He didn’t want to just fit in, he wanted to make his mark and it drove him to push—especially when it came to academics and sports.

But that drive and ambition was further fueled after seeing his first lowrider rolling through the neighborhood. The sight of that lowrider made him feel some kind of way and that’s when a switch went off inside him. “It was like something I had been waiting for,” Paulino says. Soon after, he decided to start attending local car shows and when the Lowrider magazine tour came through Tampa, Florida, he was hooked.

Years later, his search began online and he finally found the car that would be his own part of lowriding history. He found a 1963 Chevy Impala convertible that fit everything he was looking for. The catalyst for the purchase was the original owner had done all the major work, molding, as well as the installation of an LS motor, which was completely chromed with a touch of teal paint.

Paulino brought the Impala to his local hydraulic guy so he could go through the setup and make sure everything was done the right way. Fresh batteries were added and the wheels were changed to make sure it had some Daytons. As a member of Individuals Car Club of Central Florida, Paulino exhibits a level of excellence and standard of high quality.

As with many fellow lowriders, Paulino wants to make his mark on the game and in the end he hopes that “Teal Tomorrow” becomes the motivation for other younger kids to embrace and join the Lowrider culture.

1963 Chevy Impala Convertible

Vehicle Nickname

Teal Tomorrow


Paulino Garcia


Winter Haven, FL


BASF Diamante Silver by David Lane Kustoms, silver leafing with custom teal Kandy and pinstriped by Josh Culver, custom canvas top from Walt at Street Toys, chrome plating by Shelbyville Polishing, assembled by Matt Murray and Jon Wick


2004 LS motor swap, 4L65E transmission, upgraded cam, polished LS6 intake and headers, polished serpentine kit and accessories, built and installed by Matt Murray, Jon Wick, and Mike Lewis at Audio Source


Three Pitbull pumps, Adex super dumps built by Matt and Jon, full wrapped frame by Rob Robertson, Ford 9-inch rearend, extended and molded control arms with Caprice spindles up front and custom wishbone in the rear built by Brent Greer, 8-inch cylinders in front and 14-inch in rear, battery rack built by Brock Mulligan, hard lines done by Jason Caronto


Dakota Digital dash, color bar, center console, and original-style interior all done by Audio Source

Sound System

Kenwood double-din, five JL Audio C5 6.5-inch components, two JL 8w7 subwoofers, JL Audio amplifiers, custom-molded kick panels, door panels, center console with floating amp rack with LED edge lighting built by Audio Source


13×7 Dayton Wire Wheels, 155/80-13 Uniroyal Tigerpaw