Growing up in Sacramento, there’s plenty to learn. Aside from being the capital of the gold rush, and the city by which Shakey’s and Tower Records were both founded in, it’s a city rich with cultural history, and part of that history includes lowriding.

1963 chevrolet impala convertible rear bumper

While it’s not nearly as famous as Los Angeles for its lowriding scene, it still has a strong presence and our next featured guest can attest to that. Sukie was first exposed to lowriders by a neighbor who happened to own a box Chevy. His neighbor would always have lowrider friends working on their cars and once he saw them hitting switches and three-wheeling it was game over as he became hooked. From that point on he knew he’d one day soon partake in the lifestyle and after years of saving he was finally able to make that dream come to fruition.

1963 chevrolet impala convertible hydraulic pump dumps

With his money right and his ambition high, he went on the hunt for a 1963 hardtop and soon scored a deal. With the car in tow, he was already planning its rebirth and once he got it home, he began tearing it down. With the car apart, he was ready to execute his plans but soon realized he had limited resources where he now lived (in Redding, California).

1963 chevrolet impala convertible front fascia

As a result, he decided to sell it and get himself a more manageable project. After four months of shopping around he found this 1963 convertible over in Santa Cruz. After striking a deal over the phone, he drove five hours to pick it up. It was a driving project that needed a lot of work but not even in his wildest dreams did he ever think he’d get himself into a ragtop.

1963 chevrolet impala dayton wire wheel

Still with limited resources, Sukie decided to reach out to his friend Keo Sanh and the guys from RTR in Seattle. RTR (Real Time Resto) is made up of guys from Eazy Duz It and their friends who build cars in their spare time and they decided to take it in. They began the process by shaving the firewall and dropping in an all-chromed 350 engine with a TPI. They then laid a solid Dupont red paint and installed two chrome Red’s pumps. Central Family Upholstery then stitched together a red vinyl and cloth interior. Now with his dream a reality, Sukie is now enjoying cruising his rag with his family, all thanks to the RTR boys.

1963 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

Vehicle Nickname
Bangin’ on Wax

Sukie Saelee

1963 chevrolet impala convertible passenger side front fender

Redding, CA

350 engine with Corvette TPI, chrome finned valve covers, Street and Performance water pump/starter/pulleys, electric fan, aluminum radiator, HEI distributor, NGK wires, Hedman Husler headers, dual glasspacks that were installed by Vilo S. and Chris F.

1963 chevrolet impala convertible 350 engine

Wallace Pardo in Yuma took care of all the chroming and Pitra Poeng did the bodywork and laying out the Axalta red paint

CPP brake booster and master cylinder with a shortened rearend. Rick “Topo” V. fully wrapped the frame and Keo Sanh installed the double-chrome pump setup with three-square dumps and six Accumax, hardlines, and four batteries.

1963 chevrolet impala convertible red vinyl interior

Central Valley Upholstery installed the red vinyl interior with the hardtop cloth inserts

13×7 Daytons with Premium Sportway 5.20s