1962 Chevy Impala – Levels to the Game

When you level up, amazing things come to life

Much like any game, lowriding is a multifaceted lifestyle that comes in stages. In the beginning things are easy, as we find ourselves immersed in curiosity and intrigue; yet as we continue our journey we start to level up and that’s when we get wrapped up in the process. We trade in pearls and candies and graduate to two-stage paintjobs with patterns and pinstriping. From there, we typically find ourselves wanting to change to a new canvas and as we go from G-bodies to Cadillacs there’s typically one end goal in mind. That goal? To get ourselves into the highly coveted and highly adored Impala. Just ask Frank Vega, a gentleman from La Crescenta, California, who took a similar path and is the proud of owner of this incredibly clean lowrider.

“Ever since I could drive, I’ve owned a lowrider,” Frank tells LRM. Starting off with a Silver 1987 Cutlass, Frank’s love for G-bodies would make him work simultaneously on another one, which he painted candy orange. From there, he leveled up to a 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood and it was just a matter of time before he stepped up to the plate and landed himself a 1962 Chevy Impala.

No stranger to the restoration process, Frank knew exactly where to begin. He started with the installation of a custom 42-inch moonroof. While that was being done, the frame was wrapped while the engine bay was infused with a small-block Chevy 350 upgraded with the necessary chrome dress-up kit. Soon after followed a Turbo 350 transmission and a set of custom MagnaFlow mufflers. With all the body straightened and modified, the Impala was shipped off to Davey Auto Body. It was there Mike D. prepped the body for a PPG Jet Black paintjob that was accented with patterns and a flaked-out top. With an original Ciadella interior kit on order, Frank took this time to install a set of custom LED rear tail- and headlights while the wheelwells were blessed with a set of 13×7 Zenith crosslace wire wheels. Of course, no lowrider would be complete without the mandatory hydraulic suspension, so he installed three dumps and a twin- pump Hoppo’s setup.

With the vehicle wrapped up and done, Frank would like to personally thank “Big John” for introducing him to the Majestics Car Club. He’d like to thank his club brothers and family members who lent a helping hand with his latest-but certainly not his last-build.

1962 Chevy Impala


Frank Vega

Car Club



La Crescenta, CA


1986 small-block Chevy 350 with 350 trans and MagnaFlow mufflers


Original Ciadella interior kit


Jet Black PPG applied by Davey Auto Body


Fully molded frame activated by three Adex dumps connected to a custom two-pump setup


13×7 chrome Zenith 72-spoke crosslace wire wheels