Being the only lowriders within 100 miles of their area, Jill and her husband are diamonds in the rough. As avid lowriding enthusiasts, sharing their passion and showing off their builds requires plenty of travel time, and it’s during those road trips that they get a chance to meet admirers and share their passion for a lifestyle that’s clearly evident.

1962 chevrolet impala driver side profile

I was lucky enough to meet the duo last year on July 4, as the Individuals Car Club celebrated their 40th anniversary. Being invited to the three-day celebration was an honor in itself, and the shindig was a blast. As expected, the club showcased a barrage of custom lowriders that were polished, waxed, and ready for a show of their own-and that’s when I spotted this head-turning 1962.

1962 chevrolet impala wheel skirt

Sporting a magenta paintjob and corset-style interior, this Impala successfully pulls off a sultry touch with a killer femininity that only a woman could do. Then again, that’s when I soon came to realize that the car belongs to Jill Sederburg.

1962 chevrolet impala front end

One quick look at this lowrider and you just have to know that this wasn’t her first attempt at lowriding. In fact, her first car was a 1985 Buick Regal, but the car was sold back in 1997 in order to put a down payment on a house-definitely a wise move because you gotta take care of the home before you impress the streets. Since then, she’s gone onto start a family but the desire to build and own another lowrider never left.

1962 chevrolet impala hi jacker pumps

With the kids getting older they finally decided that it was a good time to get a second one, and this time around it was going to be for Jill. As a lifelong fan of the 1962, she found one in a garage some 100 miles away. It was in rough shape, had several missing parts to it, but it didn’t stop her from picking it up.

1962 chevrolet impala los passenger side view

To get the car back together, Premier Custom Collision Center massaged all the kinks out of the body while her husband did most of the rest. He laid down the magenta paintjob, installed the hydraulics setup and sound system, and about the only thing Ed didn’t do was the interior—a task Jill handled herself, and a feat that became even more impressive when she said, “I’ve never done interior before but I was able to stitch it up myself.”

1962 Chevrolet Impala SS

Vehicle Nickname

Jill Sederburg

1962 chevrolet impala sederburg

Rolla, MI


1962 chevrolet impala 350 engine

350 with chrome valve covers/air filter, Jegs water pump, electric fan, aluminum radiator, Edelbrock intake/carb, Taylor spark plug wires, and red-top Optima battery

Sikken’s Magenta Pearl with House of Kolor Candy Magenta patterns

1962 chevrolet impala passenger side profile

Two-chrome Hi-Jacker pumps with four batteries

Black embroidered vinyl

1962 chevrolet impala double chrome pump

Kenwood CD player two MTX amps, four Powerbass speakers, and two 8-inch Memphis subwoofers

13×7, 100-spoke wire wheels with 155/80R13 Milesters tires