When Gerardo was 11 years old he attended his first car show and almost immediately fell in love with lowriding. His fascination was intense, but as he walked the grounds his focus became highly concentrated on the bodylines and posture of the 1961 Impala. From there on in he’d spend plenty of time flipping through the pages of Lowrider magazine as he dreamed of owning his very own 1961.

With money saved, Gerardo began scouring the Net, and after months of effort he spotted a 1961 Impala with a candy paintjob and an interior he liked. When he asked the owner why he was selling it, the seller revealed he had a baby on the way, and upon further questioning he found out that the car had been painted by the previous owner who had sold it in order to purchase a big rig. “The car had electrical problems, a bent flywheel, no wheels, no system, and all the trim needed to be redone,” Gerardo says, but they struck a deal for $25,000 and the car was hauled back home to Oxnard.

In the following three years he fixed all the problems, threw on a set of gold Daytons, had the trim re-chromed, and threw in a killer sound system for safe measure. Now that the Impala has found a new home a few blocks away from the beach, the highlight of the journey has to be when he took his grandfather on a cruise. “I had my 82-year-old grandfather ride with me in it and it took him back to when he owned a 1961 four-door. It was his daily driver and even though I don’t drive this one daily, I keep it on the streets as much as possible.”

1961 Chevrolet Impala

Provem Wrong

Gerardo Raya

Oxnard, CA

House of Kolor Candy Brandywine with Candyapple red patterns in stencils and marble

Small-block 350 with Speed Pro camshaft with Proform 750-cfm carburetor, oval air cleaner, Flexhose, MSD distributor, MagnaFlow exhaust, Borla headers, aluminum radiator, electric fan, and Optima battery

Toyota rearend with ViAir airbag setup with two ViAir compressors and a 5-gallon tank with two Optima batteries

Leather and vinyl in dark red and snakeskin

Alpine stereo with two JL Audio amps, four JL Audio speakers, and two 12-inch subwoofers

72-spoke 13×7 all-gold Daytons with 155/80 Remingtons

DNA Custom Engines, Jesse Soto, Krazy Kutting, Speedy’s Metal Finishing, Arturo Serrano, Robert Raya, and Breakers Stereo