When Andrew’s older brother came back from the Marines, he brought back an abundance of joy and a present that would kick-start an addiction. That present? A 1965 Impala Super Sport.

“I was only 14 years old when [my brother] gave me that Impala and that’s when my love for classic cars began,” Andrew says. Almost immediately he fell in love with hot rods, and among the cars he customized was a 1969 Camaro SS that he raced at the track. Following that, he acquired a 1955 hardtop, a 1970 split bumper Camaro, as well as a 1965 pro street Nova.

1960 chevrolet impala convertible laid front driver side view

All the while, he and his wife shared the same passion and enthusiasm for all of the custom rods they had collected, but one day they decided to add a convertible to the fleet, and after years of searching high and low, they came back empty-handed and frustrated. So one day they decided to reach out to Carlos Munoz, the president of New Mexico Car Club. At the time he was selling his 1962 convertible that was all-original and still sporting the surf green paintjob. At first sight the couple knew they had to have it, and at the time of purchase Carlos asked them to join their club, and this is how their lowrider journey began.

1960 chevrolet impala convertible black and white vinyl interior

Till this day, Andrew and his wife still cherish their 1962 rag, but as with any car enthusiast one can never be enough, so they felt it was time to add yet another lowrider to the fleet. While camping with fellow club members, one of the members mentioned to the group that they wanted to sell their 1960 convertible, and almost immediately Andrew’s wife said she wanted to look at it.

1960 chevrolet impala convertible continental kit

Some time later, the duo drove over to take a look and what they found was an all-original car that was not only gorgeous but deserved to stay in the club. So with a bit of advanced planning and the hopes to surprise his wife, Andrew stepped up his game and while out on a business trip had a driver go pick up the car and deliver it to the house on his wife’s birthday.

1960 chevrolet impala convertible air tank

Since getting it, they’ve added the mandatory wire wheels, a sound system, airbag setup, and a little pinstriping, but that’s not it. With plans to do even more, they already bought a new undercarriage, which has been chromed out, and with plans to install it soon they are also looking to revamp the interior while refining a few bells and whistles.

1960 chevrolet impala convertible driver side reqr quarter view laid

Since adding the 1960 they’ve also added a 1968 Camaro SS—which also happens to be a full-on race car. With no intentions to slow down, Alex smiles when he says, “I will say that our collection isn’t finished. We are always looking to add more to the great cars our family already has, so stay tuned.”

1960 Chevrolet Impala

Vehicle Nickname
El Nuevo Mexico

Andrew Lopez

1960 chevrolet impala convertible andrew lopez

Santa Fe, NM

New Mexico

1960 chevrolet impala convertible big block 348

Big block 348 with all OE parts


1960 chevrolet impala convertible top view

Two-chrome ViAir compressors

Black and white vinyl and cloth with a Dakota Digital gauge

1960 chevrolet impala convertible dakota digital gauge

Kenwood eXcelon stereo with a single Kenwood amp, four Kenwood mids, and two 12-inch subwoofers

Cross-laced, 72-spoke 13-inch Zenith with Premium Sport 5.20s