1958 Chevrolet Delray Delivery – Delivering a Dream

This classic delivers a dream while carrying a family's honor and devotion to a loved one

Dreams are a powerful tool. They motivate us, push us past our comfort zone, and, to be honest, the thought of an unfulfilled dream is a terrible thing to deal with. While dealing with the daily rituals of life, our dreams are often set aside. Each passing year pushes that goal back but in the end, an unfulfilled dream affects not only the dreamer but the ones closest to them. This is the story of how one family pulled together to help a brother in need.

Like most siblings, Armando Oliva spent plenty of time with his brother, Ishmael. In fact, it was Ishmael who introduced him to the world of lowriding. A fan of lowriding to say the least, his brother had a dream of restoring a 1958 Delray Delivery, but those dreams came to a halt when he fell ill.

“My brother owned the 1958 Delivery for well over 40 years,” Armando says. Upon finding out how ill he had become Armando knew that he had to fulfill his brother’s dream, so he went to pick up the vehicle, which was essentially grafted into his backyard. The vehicle had been sitting so long that the weight and constant erosion of the soil beneath it made it a task to remove. The Delray was literally dug out of the ground and what was once a decent project was now more of an abandoned metal pot for weeds and a home for rodents.

To begin the project, Armando first washed off all the debris that had accumulated throughout the years. He took the car down to its frame, replaced rotted floors and quarter-panels, while Tony Soto rebuilt the engine. With parts out at the chromers, the body was worked, prepped, and sprayed down with a Sunrise Pearl by Ralph Jimenez. Tim Fast then added layers of striping while Pete’s Upholstery concocted an illustrious interior cabin.

The end result was a completed project that looks like a million bucks, but they managed to keep the build costs low. Along with his brother, Abel, his sons, Angel and Andrew, and his brothers-in-law, Ralph and Tony, the family’s efforts paid off just in time. Washed, waxed, and polished to perfection, the family took the car for Ishmael to see. “The look on my brother’s face is something that we will never forget!” Armando says. And although Ishmael is no longer with us, his dream was brought to life thanks to the love and support of his family.

1958 Chevrolet Delray Delivery

Vehicle Nickname

My Brother’s Dream


Armando Oliva


Santa Maria, CA




327 out of a 1969 Chevy with Edelbrock valve covers, air cleaner, intake, and carburetor; aluminum radiator; electric fan; AGI distributor; and a yellowtop Optima battery


Axalta Sunrise Pearl with flake and pearl roof patterns




Two-tone brown vinyl


Pioneer head unit, with a Pioneer amp and 6×9 speakers, with two 10-inch dual subwoofers


13×7 100-spoke wire wheels on 155/80-R13 Travel Star tires