Although the most common and iconic lowrider vehicle is the 1963-1964 Impala, it’s also the most common to find for sale. Chicago native Clint “CJ” Paraday owned a superclean 1964 Impala that he assumed would be his “forever car” until he saw an advertisement for a stock 1957 Chevy Bel Air. He immediately put his 1964 up for sale and within days drove the 11-hour trip to Arkansas to sell the car to a waiting buyer and buy the new Bel Air from the waiting seller. CJ purchased the classic and once home began restoring it back to its original, youthful look.

From sitting as long as it did, it needed to be tuned and the chrome needed to be brought back to life. The gas tank was replaced, the gas lines were replaced, and the carburetor had to be rebuilt to get it back on the road. The interior was restored to factory, and CJ, with the help of Daniel Torres, added custom panels in the rear for speakers and a center console on the front bench seat. Torres also added an Alpine head unit hidden in the glovebox. CJ swapped out the rearend to fit a set of 13-inch Dayton Wire Wheels, and a custom red color bar from HCAT Accessories was mounted to match the Matador Red exterior.

CJ added some stock OG parts, like the compass and viewfinder, to replicate the original feel straight from the factory showroom in 1957. The Bel Air was brought lower 2 inches to give it a more lowrider-style feel for the Chicago roads.

CJ’s club brother and good friend Berto Marquez has been a major help in bringing the Chevy back to life. CJ wishes to thank Daniel Torres for helping with all the audio installation and Alberto Marquez for any mechanical day-to-day problems that pop up. Special thanks go to Rick at Weimer for all his help on restoring the bushings, gas lines, and tank. The love and support from his wife, Katie, and their son, Cole, were the integral factors in the decision to turn his everyday 1964 into a personal “Game Changer” that puts him in a different lowrider bracket of classics.

1957 Chevy Bel Air

Vehicle Nickname
Game Changer 57

Clint “C.J.” Paraday

Chicago, IL


Numbers-matching 265 power pack, two-speed powerglide transmission, mechanical work by Alberto Marquez

Factory Matador Red, swapped rearend out for wheels, Rick at Weimer Machine and Automotive Repair replaced bushings, gas line, and tank

Lowered 2 inches

Custom kick panels, LED accent lighting, custom center console, custom rear armrests with speakers, color bar, compass, viewfinder

Sound System
Alpine head unit in the glovebox, Focal components, JL Audio JL12 w6 subwoofer, JL Audio amplifiers done by Daniel Torres

13×7 Dayton wire wheel, Premium Sportway 5.20s