We’ve all heard those incredible stories about amazing barnyard finds and can’t help but revel in the details. We wonder how they came across it, what the place looked like, and sooner or later we daydream about the fateful day it’ll happen to us. It’s a dream we fantasize about; a dream in which we stumble upon a rare classic sitting undisturbed, neglected, and waiting for our arrival. Well, chances are today won’t be your lucky day, and your luck probably won’t get any better tomorrow, so to add insult to injury we’ll be sharing one of those incredible stories. This time around it’s about the journey of Dominic Daneri and how he stumbled upon this dreamy 1956 Buick Special.

This story begins several decades ago on the streets of East L.A. where a young 15-year-old Dominic found himself the owner of a brand-new 1964 Chevy Impala. Barely old enough to drive, he would go on to join the legendary Bachelors LTD Car Club, and within a few years Dominic was customizing yet another car. This time around his latest project, a 1969 Chevelle, would go on to receive a custom candy paintjob with a custom interior and hydraulic setup. With his car dialed in he was a frequent visitor to the infamous Whittier Boulevard, and it was there he’d cross paths with a 1956 Buick Special that he could never forget.

As life would have it, his family grew and soon his cars were up for sale. He did what was necessary to support the family, and his hobby would have to take a back seat. To be exact, 40 years flew by and while reminiscing about his days lowriding, he couldn’t help but think of all the good times he had—and the lasting impressions the 1956 Buick left on him. With an empty nest and the kids out of the house, he wanted to reignite his passion for lowriding, and as fate would have it that’s when he stumbled upon a hidden treasure—the exact 1956 Buick he had grown up admiring. He spotted the Buick in an alley in East L.A., struck a deal, and the first thing he did was dust off the cobwebs and begin the restoration process.

Shortly after dusting off the cobwebs, Dominic immediately got to work. “It’s like riding a bike,” Dominic says, referring to the restoration process. The Buick received a custom-blended PPG Plum paintjob with ghost flames. A custom interior featuring white vinyl and burgundy inserts would also be upgraded. The whole process eventually added up to over $30,000, but that was a small investment to reignite the passion and pride it brings. With Dominic now back on the cruising circuit, his Buick is not only a reminder of just how deep our roots are, but a reminder that it’s never too early or too late to start lowriding!

1956 Buick Special

Dominic Daneri

Los Angeles, CA

Custom blend of PPG Plum with ghosted flames

Chevy small-block 350 with 700R transmission

Jaguar front suspension activated by an airbag setup

15-inch OG Truespokes with 205/75-15 radial whitewalls