1955 Big Body Cadillac – Triple OG

With a nine-month deadline, and no time to waste, this hectic build brought out the best of a Cadillac fan.

Having been a Cadillac fan ever since he could remember, Tony Moore recalls the first time he stepped to the plate and tried modding a car. At 15 years old he remembers almost burning that car to the ground trying to install an amp, and at 17 he then picked up a 1984 coupe that sat on 14-inch hundred spokes. Little did he know that was more than just a project—it was entry into the Cadillac game and the price of admission was many sleepless nights and changing goals.

“Since before I could drive, Cadillacs have been my passion. When I was coming up, it was the beginning of the big rims and SUV era, and in the south and midwest lowriders were often considered outdated, but I couldn’t disagree more,” Tony says. “I would go to car shows like the Tulsa Individuals Picnic at 16 years old, and without even meeting the owners I could look at a lowrider and see it was their passion.” Seeing this camaraderie fueled his passion and desire to build cars, so after putting together a few traditional lowrider Cadillacs and even a box Caprice coupe things changed.

As age kicked in, his taste became more refined and that’s when he decided to build a big-body ’50s Caddy. After much research and refinement, he narrowed it down to a 1955 and his search began on eBay. After finding a potential candidate, he spoke with the owner, discussed the details of the car, and after watching the auction for six days he won the bid. With the deal complete, the car was transported over to him and what was supposed to be a complete non-running vehicle proved otherwise. Instead, the vehicle was about 60 percent complete, and he even had to pay for shipping twice. Needless to say, the deal was done and the project was about to start up.

“When I got the car dismantled, I really saw what I had and didn’t have” Tony says. “The hardest part of the build was sourcing parts, but none of that mattered, my vision was to have the car low and black … and I’m not talking metallic, I’m talking a black that was miles deep.” So along with a crew of talented shops, family, and friends, his dream took a hectic eight months to complete but the end result was something any Caddy fan would be proud of. This was also the first time he had built a car on a deadline and his goal was to have the car arrive to the 2015 SEMA show.

When asked about this most memorable moment during the build, he said that it had to be the moment he drove it into the 2015 SEMA show and laid it out. Much like the pressure off his shoulders, laying the car down marked the final moment he had accomplished his goals and while he completed them in just under a year he already knew that it had been a bit rushed.

Right after the show, the vehicle was dismantled and the fine details and little kinks were all ironed out, and the final product is one that represents the struggle, dedication, and passion Tony has for the Cadillac brand. In short, this is a love story between a man’s dedication to the brand and his desire to reincarnate an old soul with a freshly polished look.


Tony Moore



Vehicle Nickname

Triple OG


Eren Pierce, Gerardo Jimenez, Stanley Nolan, Michael Johnson, and his wife, Candice.