The brain’s ability to store and recollect memories is one of the most valuable functions of our body. Aside from being an essential tool for learning, memories are what give meaning to life and allow us to reconnect with our childhood and the experiences that have molded us into who we are today. For El Whyner, his childhood memories of cruising Santa Ana were all brought back to life after attending a local car show.

While visiting the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, El Whyner was intrigued by the builds and mesmerized by the sighting of a laid-out Fastback Fleetline. The bomb was laced with Sombrero hubs and wide whitewalls and the car was symbolic of a time when life was simpler and more wholesome. But this was no temporary love. Even after getting home, the memory of that car had El Whyner on Craigslist searching for a 1950 Fastback Fleetline. To his luck, he found one that was running and driving but showed signs of weathering. With faded paint and a rotted interior, a deal was struck and he hasn’t looked back since.

The first thing he did was take it to Roundy who stripped it down to bare metal. Hubcap Hotrods then shaved the body of all badges, mirrors, windshield wipers, hood, trunk, and some of the trim was removed. Roundy then shot the primer and hit it with Midnight Blue paint. With the engine out, it was given a once-over and finished off with plenty of paint and polish. Prior to reinstallation, the engine bay and suspension components were shot in satin black and once the motor was dropped back in Campbell Bro’s dropped in an airbag setup while Chuck Booth brought the interior back to life with a white leather and vinyl interior.

1950 Chevrolet Fleetline Fastback

Vehicle Nickname
La Gypsy

El Whyner

Phoenix, AZ

ITS Motor

235 inline-six with AC Delco water pump, alternator, and starter; Fenton headers; dual Rochester carbs; and dual cool air intakes

Removed all Chevy badges, trim, and hood ornament; shaved gas door; molded the hood to be a single-piece hood; painted House of Kolor Midnight Blue

Airbag setup with two ViAir compressors and tank

White leather and vinyl in original pattern

Pioneer deck with a PPI amp, four Majestic speakers, and a Kicker subwoofer

1949 Cadillac Sombrero hubcaps on 15×7 Wheelsmith wheel and Firestone tires

James “Roundy” Gracy, Aaron Fortuna, Hubcap Hotrods, Metro Plating, Jaime Alaniz, Ron Hernandez, Campbell Brothers, and Chuck Booth