Growing up in a tight-knit family, Chantelle Santistevan has many fond memories from the time she spent at her grandparents’ home. And while her memories run deep, there is one in particular that influenced her taste for car culture. She always remembered how one of her aunts was always dropped off in a classic bomb and how she’d stare at the care endlessly. “I remember how the curves of the body just made me admire it,” Chantelle tells LRM. “Something about those classic Chevys just drew me in.”

Years later her father bought a bomb to build, but a loss of interest in the project led him to sell it one of their cousins. Disappointed by the sale of that project car, Chantelle and her older brother decided to take action, so her brother purchased a classic Chevy bomb for himself and taught young Chantelle how to drive it. “He would let me and my friends drive around in the classic,” Chantelle says. “We felt like we were the Pink Ladies in Grease.”

Little did she know the informal driving lessons were to prepare her for the bomb she would eventually own. You see, once she turned 21, her older brother purchased a bomb for her, and that particular bomb just happened to be the one that her dad had originally sold.

As a classic Chevy enthusiast, Chantelle cares much for the restoration and care for all classic cars. As a GoodTimes club member in Colorado she spends plenty of time traveling to shows throughout the state. It was during one random trip that a club member and good friend Derrick Curtis brought out his 1950 Chevy DeLuxe. The minute Chantelle laid eyes on his Chevy she fell in love but it wasn’t until she and her husband trailered the DeLuxe for him that she finally got behind the wheel; right then and there she knew she had to own this piece of history.

After arriving back home from the Vegas Super Show, Chantelle went to work trying to convince him to part ways with the flawless classic Chevy. Relentless, she even contacted Derrick’s wife to try to convince him until he finally gave in and sold her the vehicle.

Since Chantelle purchased the Chevy, she has added her own custom touches, including paint touch-ups and engraving throughout the body. With the help of her family and the love of her husband, Chente, Chantelle credits her family for keeping her motivation propelled. With the classic Chevy that her dad once owned, along with her new 1950 DeLuxe, it’s safe to say she’s building up quite the collection.

In closing, she wishes to thank her husband for all his love and support, as well as Curtis for selling the masterpiece. A special thanks also goes to their son, Thaddeus, who is growing up loving lowriders as well. She wants to thank her brother, Joe Vigil, for teaching her how to drive her first bomb, and her late father, Junie Boy Vigil, for the inspiration behind her passion.

1950 Chevy DeLuxe

Vehicle Nickname
Family Affair

Chantelle Santistevan

Trinidad, CO

Club Affiliation
GoodTimes, SOCO Chapter

235 straight-six, chrome alternator, carburetor, and valve cover; 1 1/2-inch exhaust, 12V converted

Mist Green and Crystal Green paint, leafing and pinstripe by Chuck Gonzales, murals by Tom Stacks, engraving and chrome plating by Tommy Castaneda

Air-ride suspension, two ViAir 444c compressors, 10-gallon air tank, C-channeled rear


Sound System
Kenwood head unit, amplifiers, and components

13×7 Zenith Wire Wheels, Coker 5.20s