1949 Chevy DeLuxe Convertible – A Smooth Road Ahead

During our toughest times, sometimes all we need to do is get even lower to raise ourselves up

The old adage “Each sunrise brings a new beginning” is something we can all relate to. It’s a saying we cherish during the difficult times in our life and a heartfelt quote that provides hope and inspiration. Just ask Frank “Jefe” Gonzalez, as he couldn’t agree more. “I was going through a rough patch in my life,” Frank tells LRM, “and that all changed when I met my now fiancee Rosanne.”

As it turns out, he met not only his soul mate but also the fuel that would reignite his spark and fervor for life. The strength of their bond and power of their relationship ultimately led him back to his roots in car customizing. Thinking back to his younger days, he reminisced about the mini-trucks and the classic bombs he had built and his itch to bring something back into the scene was staring him dead in the eyes. You see, in 2015 Frank had purchased a 1949 Chevy DeLuxe convertible and so came the time to dust it off, get the tools in order, and start banging away at a new life and a new project.

No stranger to the building processes Frank knows the heart and soul of any car is its engine, so he began by rebuilding a 1954 Chevy 235. He added split manifolds and dual pipes while all the metal trim was sent out to be refinished. During that time, Frank and his brother got busy prepping the body to lay down the PPG Quicksand color, while Moy and the E One Stop crew put together the top and the interior using a combination of flat black vinyl and tan inserts with brown tweed inserts. Like any respectable bomb out on the boulevard, accessories are always a must, so Frank was able to track down a traffic signal viewer, AAA compass, visor, skirts, and front and back wraparounds.

Now that he can look at the car with pride, this just goes to show that a fresh start can come in a variety of shapes and forms. It’s also a great example of how the lowest of times are bumps in the road that are merely preparing us to embrace the smooth road ahead.

1949 Chevy DeLuxe Convertible


New Beginnings


Frank “Jefe” Gonzalez


Covina, CA


Old Memories


Stock 1954 Chevy 235 split manifold


PPG Quicksand tan throughout the body, trunk, and engine bay


Four-valve, two-tank Universal Air airbag setup


Flat black with tan and brown tweed inserts


165-15 whitewall Coker radials mounted onto stock 15-inch wheels