1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster – A Special Delivery

A story about how a UPS driver found his dream car during a routine delivery

Efficiency is the backbone to any successful business or job and our next featured guest can attest to that. As a UPS driver, Gabriel is timed on his deliveries. As part of his training he is encouraged to never drive in reverse, to only make righthand turns when possible, and when it comes to package delivery, well, it’s as simple as drop and go. They are timed on their deliveries and efficiency becomes a platform by which they measure performance.

But little did Gabriel know that being a UPS driver—along with his specific route—would soon become an opportunity to help him advance his love for lowriding. So how did this happen? Well, part of his delivery route involved him dropping off parts to a shop called Antonio’s. During one of the deliveries, he saw them bringing in a Fleetmaster—and it was a sight to see. “I saw it being towed in, and it was just the frame and fenders,” Gabriel says. As time passed, Gabriel witnessed the progression of the Chevy build and began daydreaming of one day owning one. “I always liked 1948 but one of the main reasons was because my mom was born in the same year.”

Once completed, Gabriel asked if the owner was interested in ever selling it and Antonio responded by saying that he would just like to enjoy it. A few months later while making another delivery, Gabriel brought up the idea of trading a lifted 2007 Duramax truck for the 1948. Antonio thought about it and after much deliberation decided to make a deal so they did the swap.

Since acquiring the Fleetmaster, Gabriel had some minor upgrades performed, but the biggest addition to the vehicle was the process of loading up his family for Sunday cruises. In all, the car satisfied his dreams of lowriding, but it also shows how chance meetings can be the answer to all your dreams.

1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster

Vehicle Nickname

Mi Vieja


Gabriel Gonzales


Albuquerque, NM


La Vida










Artillery wheels with Coker tires