Charles Aragon spent his childhood doing what most kids do. He came from a different era when kids used to actually play with friends, bike, and walk blocks to go to the convenient store, but as hobbies faded his fascination for lowriding was something he just couldn’t shake.

By the time he was a junior in high school it developed into a full-blown obsession. It was 1979 and lowriding had just started to go full tilt. Destined to own a car of his own, Charles decided to pick himself up a 1973 Cutlass Supreme. Every spare dollar and free moment of his time was spent on that car, but when his family became a priority it was time to let her go.

Fast-forward a few decades later and Charles started to get an itch to build another lowrider. With his kids grown and retirement just around the corner it was time to look for another project; this time he came across a 1948 Fleetline. Ironically enough, the person selling the car was faced with the expenses of an upcoming wedding, so Charles picked up where the previous owner left off. Not wasting a moment’s time, he tore it down for a full-on restoration and that’s when his friend Fred Gutierrez and the rest of Drifters Car Club helped with the disassembly.

The first thing they did was get the body straight, but Charles was adamant about not doing it with Bondo so he contacted Sid Anya, an old-school metal guy. To get the job done right no body filler was used and any imperfections were filled with lead. After the car was ready, it was taken to Gomez Paint and Body where it was sprayed down with a light olive basecoat and followed up by a few layers of clearcoat. While waiting, Kelly Chavez and Charles rebuilt the original 216ci motor and drivetrain and by the time they were done it was ready to be dropped into the freshly buffed and polished shell. Inside, Mario Moya applied woodgrain to the dash and garnish moldings, while Moe’s Upholstery stitched up an original-style cloth interior.

Toward the tail end of the project, Charles started to run low on funds so he took on a part-time job just in time to get the chrome and stainless trim redone. While waiting on all the chrome, the car was shipped to JOEZ Shop to rewire the car and change it over to a 12V system. While there, Joe and Chris Martinez installed all-new glass along with a complete air-ride setup and it got back home just in time for fellow club member Gabe Trujillo to install a Retrosound head unit mated to Bose speakers and a Bazooka bass tube in the trunk.

With all the final trim installed, the bomb was treated to a wash and wax. The first thing he did was take his wife, Lori, and the grandkids, Kaylee and Ben, out cruising just as he did in high school. Like a throwback in time, this build is one that the whole family can now enjoy. It’s been a longtime coming but one that was worth the wait.

1948 Chevrolet Fleetline Aerosedan

Street Player

Charles Aragon

Albuquerque, NM


Chevy 216ci Polished Radiator chromed valve cover rewired to 12V

Martin Senour Light Olive

Stock with air-ride

Original cloth with Dolphin Gauges

Retrosound head unit, Bose speakers front and rear with a Bazooka 8-inch sub

15-inch Artilleries with Remington 5.60s

Wife Lori, Drifters Car Club, Gabe Trujillo, Fred Gutierrez, Raul Rodriguez, and JOEZ Shop