At one point or another we’ve all had a dream. Some are intense, others are crazy, but the bottom line is they are in part dictated by our waking lives. In reality, dreams are a result of what’s going on inside our heads. They reflect our values, address our concerns, and for some they merely reflect the truth. Thus is the case for Ted Barela—a man whose dreams drove him some 900 miles away from New Mexico.

1947 chevrolet fleetline dash

For Mr. Barela, his dream was to own a 1947 Fleetline. In order to do achieve that he put in the necessary work, and once his money was right, and his ducks were in a row, he went on the hunt. After quite some time scouring the web, he found what he thought would be his dream car. The only slight obstacle was that the car was located some 900 miles away from home. Determined and sleepless, he decided to check the car out in person, and instinct told Ted to hook up his trailer and hit the I40.

1947 chevrolet fleetline driver side front view

After driving all day he reached Hawthorne, California, at 1 a.m. and had no choice but to wait until daybreak before going to see the car. With little sleep, he was up by 8 and on the way to see the car. As he pulled up, his eye confirmed what his gut told him, and that was the fact that his name was written all over it. Ted adds, “We took it for a testdrive and I just fell deeper in love with it. I had so many ideas running through my mind of what I was going to do it.” Needless to say, they made a deal, loaded it up, and he was headed back home.

1947 chevrolet fleetline airbag setup

Though the car itself was complete, it was quite obvious that it needed a full restoration. He knew that the paintjob would be one of the most important things of the build, so he thought about it carefully until he came up with espresso brown and light dune combo. Ted called his buddy up at Chop It Up Customs who handled the majority of the restoration, including the bodywork and paint. The bumpers, bumper guards, and grille were all sent to El Paso Electric Plating to get plated, and all the stainless got polished. Floyd’s Upholstery stitched the interior and after two years, the restoration was complete.

1947 chevrolet fleetline hood ornament

With the vehicle finally completed to his specs, he debuted the 1947 on the Chimayo streets on Good Friday 2015. Since then, cruising has become a family affair and now he can finally wake up and take his dream any direction he wants. In closing, we would like to congratulate Ted on finishing the bomb and hope that the first thing he did was go to El Santuario de Chimayo to get it blessed.

Till next time, don’t forget that the most important part of a dream is waking up and working hard to get it. Just ask Ted; he’s living proof that dreams do come true.

1947 Chevrolet Fleetline

Vehicle Nickname
Chimayo ’47

Ted Barela

1947 chevrolet fleetline barela family

Chimayo, NM

216 straight-six with 12V alternator, split manifold headers with duel exhaust

Espresso brown and light dune

1947 chevrolet fleetline trunk setup


Light brown suede

1947 chevrolet fleetline cross bar hubcap

Kenwood CD player with Kenwood mids

15-inch with cross bar hubcaps in Firestone whitewall tires