Shawn Johnson is the proud owner of this 1952 Chevy Deluxe appropriately named “Jefe ’52.” With every car or build there is a story to be told and this one is no different. 1952 was an especially important year to him because that was the year his grandparents were married. This exact car was in the family when it was purchased new and was sold when Shawn was about 14.

Fast-forward to 2007, and Shawn, now 10 years older, was browsing through eBay looking for a car and found the same car his family had previously owned. He knew that he wanted this car because of the history and memories he had with the car. He made sacrifices to purchase the ride even though he was unemployed at the time. Shawn purchased the car for $3,700 without physically seeing the car. It had definitely seen better days by the time Shawn got it back. The car had no windows and was built more hot rod style with powdercoated bumpers and all of the chrome blacked out. Shawn knew that he wanted the car back to its factory style, but with that lowrider feel.

The car had to be taken down completely, but Shawn was up to the task as you can see by its current state. Shawn completely redid the interior in his garage and has collected many NOS accessories over the years. He is always looking for as many NOS “in the box” accessories as he can and will drive hours to pick up those accessories that can’t be shipped. The motor is still in original condition and has never been rebuilt with the odometer just turning to a little over 108,000 after 62 years on the road.

Now with “Jefe ’52” in cruising condition, Shawn along with his wife Liliana and son Junior, cruise his ride to events all over Las Vegas. We asked Shawn what the plan was now that the car is pretty much complete; he replied, “The plan is to give it to Junior,” who is now 9 years old. Shawn wants to take the car back down and redo it with the help of his son and give him the keys on his 16th birthday. The bonding time between father and son will help preserve this ride to be enjoyed for many more years to come.

Shawn would like to thank his wife Liliana for standing behind him and understanding his passion, not to mention all of the late nights of searching for parts or in the garage working on his ride.