Born in 1977, Robert Reyes is a proud member of the GoodTimes Car Club, So Cal chapter. He is also just as proud of his elegant ’77 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. Robert tells us that his dad always had a nice choice of cars when he was growing up and that most of them were Cadillacs.

So he has a certain taste for Cads, especially the ’77-’79s because of the roof and quarter side window designs on those years. When Robert acquired this luxury ride in its early stages, it was all white. He started by chroming the undercarriage and striping the body with leafing. It was in 2010 when he displayed his Coupe at the Lowrider Vegas show and placed first for the Street category. It was a learning experience, as he witnessed the level of quality and detail in the upper-caliber vehicles on 20x 20 displays. He knew that even though his ride was a winner he needed to step it up a few notches to get serious in the competition.

Robert wanted more than just chrome and leafing, so he tore the car back down within a year and stepped up his game in competition. He made the decision that when rebuilding his Cad to turn it into something more custom, but also elegant, while also taking the build to the limit where he could still drive and enjoy cruising wherever he wanted in comfort. With a wife who has red hair, naturally his color of choice for the Caddy was Candy Brandywine. He also asked his brother Dre to perform the art of spraying the special color on his ride over at Area 51 Kustoms in Bellflower, California.

There is something about long luxury-model cars and deep dark candy red colors that bring out some amazing aesthetics. When it came to deciding the interior design and colors to complement the brandy-colored exterior, a walnut leather was selected to wrap with the D’ Elegance style of attached pillows on the seats. This is only the beginning for this young truck driver who loves competition and knows the responsibility to support his hobby of lowriding. He has the encouragement of his family as they come first and when he needs to lean on anyone else. He also has Oso from the Artistics and D’Mack from the Majestics as mentors. But he claims that he’d be nowhere without his family of friends who are always there for each other. That special group of men are the tight-knit chapter of GoodTimes!

Robert’s accomplishments so far are the fact that his mother and sister come out to help and also support the efforts he puts forth in his club and car that set him on the right path. That path that will continue as he builds his next ride, taking a few more steps to raise the and set the standards as he enjoys the friendly competition at shows and on the streets. Keep it coming Robert, this is what it’s all about man.

Tech Specs

Vehicle Year/Make/Model: 1977 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

Vehicle Nickname: Seven on Seven

Owner: Robert Reyes

City/State: Lancaster, CA

Club: GoodTimes, So Cal chaper

Engine: Chromed GM 350 with CFR pulleys, MSG ignition, and ABS brakes/booster

Body/Paint: House of Kolor Brandywine by Dre at Area 51 Customs

Suspension: Chromed undercarriage, How High Hydraulics, reinforced/boxed frame, extended rear trailing arms, Kool Aid blocks, Delta dumps

Interior: Walnut leather and pillow design by Upholstery Service of North Hills, CA

Sound System: Pioneer unit with JL amps, speakers, and woofers

Wheels/Tires: 13-inch Zenith wires / Firestone radials