Dreams do come true. Sometimes they take longer than we’d like, but that just makes realizing them that much sweeter. Ask Robert Bryan, a true lowrider born and raised in Rialto, California. He found himself keenly interested in the lowriding culture at a very young age. By 13, he was already working at a car shop and got a glimpse of what would quickly become his obsession. Just three years later, he acquired his first ride, a ’76 Monte Carlo. Robert quickly put some wheels on it and proudly displayed his new car only to find out that his parents did not approve. His mother told him, “Take those wheels off; you’re not a cholo!” His dad gave him some wise words of advice and told him he should be an individual, and not a follower.

Robert decided to set aside his dreams of lowriding for a while but figured he would realize his lowrider dreams as an adult. Many years later, while Robert’s own son attended college in Mitchell, South Dakota, the long time lowrider fan ended up finding his dream car: The coveted ’63 Chevy Impala. Claiming love at first sight, Robert cashed out the owner and quickly had the Impala shipped to San Diego. The Impala was so clean that he only had it juiced, slapped some spoke wheels on it, and began cruising it around San Diego. You can also call it foresight, or predicting the future, but Robert’s father was right all along; the day would come when his son would truly become an individual. You see, around the time Robert began cruising his Impala, he was approached by longtime-friend, Carlos Rojas, about joining the Individuals San Diego car club. Robert attended a few meetings and quickly found an extended family that shared the same passion and love for lowriders.

In 2011, the Impala was vandalized after being left out one night and it set forth a reincarnation of the ’63. Robert sent the ride to Nice & Easy in Chula Vista, California, and had Vaquero Rocha massage the imperfections out of the car’s body. Tony Aguilar and Lupe Gutierrez then sprayed the ride a stunning, “Lieutenant Blue.” Carlos Gonzales, of Ocean Beach Upholstery in Ocean Beach, California, ordered the appropriate material to give the ’63 a stock GM look for the interior. Under the hood, the engine remains a stock 283 with a two-speed Powerglide to keep the Daytons spinning. The hydraulic duties were handled by Marshall McAloon, at Droopy’s in Spring Valley, California. With a flick of the switch, the ’63 can show off its full chrome undercarriage, which was done by Marcos, at Cal Chrome in San Diego. The rest of the car’s chrome came courtesy of Molina Plating in T.J. Unbelievably, the car’s work was finished within three months of the car being vandalized! By October, it was set to debut as “Mi Sancha” in the Las Vegas Super Show.

On any given day, you can spot “Mi Sancha” cruising around in San Diego, proof that nothing could stop Robert from finally achieving his childhood dream. Robert would like to thank his wife, daughter Andrea, and sons Bobby, Steven, and Thomas. He would also like to thank Dan & Karen Greenwald, Armando and Luis Medina, Carlos Rojas, Jose Romero, Jilberto Cortez, Ivan Galvin, Pepe and Sergio Alvarez, Ismael Arias, David Sandoval, Jorge Staniesteban, Juan Nunez, Edgar Jimenez, Jamie Johnson and Fernando Ruiz


“Mi Sancha”

Owner: Robert Bryan

Vehicle: 1963 Chevrolet Impala

City/State: San Diego, CA

Club: Individuals CC San Diego

Engine: Stock 283 with a two-speed Powerglide

Body/Paint: Vaquero Rocha prepped the car for paint at Nice & Easy in Chula Vista, CA, and Tony Aguilar and Lupe Gutierrez christened the ride with Lieutenant Blue paint.

Interior: Carlos Gonzales of Ocean Beach Upholstery in Ocean Beach, CA, kept it OG by giving the Trey a stock GM look for the interior.

Setup: The hydraulic duties were handled by Marshall McAloon, at Droopy’s in Spring Valley, CA. The ’63 also boasts a full chrome undercarriage done by Marcos at Cal Chrome in San Diego. All other parts were chromed at Molina Plating in Tijuana, MX