Casual observers may see car projects as just that: A project. However, if you dig deeper, there is almost always a story behind the build, making its true value immeasurable. This ’62 Lincoln is no different, and the series of events that unfolded during its creation is quite compelling. After getting a phone call from his friend stating that he saw it for sale for $5,000 and wondering if it was a good deal, an eager Eddie Flores said he would buy it sight unseen for that price—especially considering the fact that it was a convertible! Unfortunately, Eddie’s friend said that he wanted to buy it for his own father, but he didn’t have the money. Being the good friend that he is, Eddie was still interested, and he proposed a deal. “I said, ‘We can’t let this car go. I will pay the five grand and when you get the money, you can pay me back’,” explains Eddie. He bought the car and his friend ended up deciding against taking on the project, making Eddie the owner and man in charge of the coveted Lincoln.

The original and complete car sat with a blown engine for a year before Eddie got it running. He drove it that way for about five years, and the car caught the attention of Eddie’s father; who was the proud owner of a two-door, hardtop ’50 Chevy Deluxe. “I never agreed to let him borrow it, despite him asking me many times,” says Eddie with a laugh. In 2009, his father became stricken with diabetes and as a result, was left unable to drive his stick-shift Deluxe due to losing part of his left foot to the related amputation. Ever the optimist, Eddie’s father told him to restore the automatic Lincoln so that he could borrow it when he was feeling up to it. “I decided to do it as a surprise without telling him,” Eddie explains. He began what was supposed to be a simple paint-and-interior resto that would only take a couple months, but it took longer than Eddie had hoped. “I always looked forward to the day I could drive the car to my dad’s house and show it to him. Unfortunately, before I could finish, on April 8, 2012, my father passed away. I was never able to tell him about the car or even show him to him,” laments Eddie. Despite the tragedy, Eddie decided to finish the build to honor his father. “Every time I looked at the car, I could imagine my dad driving it and getting the thumbs up. I said to myself, ‘I will take care of the car for you, my Don Chon; until we meet again’.”

“I would like to thank my Unidos CC family for always asking about my dad and making him feel welcomed at all our events but most of all my mother for having the strength to keep going, my little sister for her support, my little brother for always having my back no matter what, and to the rest of my family for being there for me.”


“El Presidente”

Owner: Eddie Flores

Vehicle: 1962 Lincoln Continental

City/State: Chino Hills, California

Club: Unidos Car Club

Engine: Factory 430 MEL with OG transmission built by Manny and California Classics in Paramount, CA

Body/Paint: OG Triple Black PPG, prepped and sprayed by Luis Rodriguez of Rodriguez Auto Body in La Puente, CA

Interior: A leather and suede combo was expertly sewn in by Don Francisco of Lopez Upholstery in Covina, CA.

Sound System: Audio Vision of Montclair CA, installed a Kenwood 7-inch Head Unit linked to a JL Audio HD amp which powers Focal Polyglass Mids and Tweeters and a shallow-mount Kenwood Sub.

Setup: An airbag set up that lays frame was installed by Aaron Iha of Chassis in Covina, CA. The custom four-link suspension is complete with two compressors and braided lines.

Tires: Hankook 175/70s

Wheels: 14-inch 100 spokes