1949 Chevrolet Fleetline – Brown Eyes

Lowriding From a Female Point of View

As a child, Lucy Chavez remembers spending plenty of time at her grandfather’s mechanics shop, watching different cars roll into the shop to be fixed. Some of these four-wheeled beauties were regular cars while others were Lowriders; including her godfather’s 1964 Chevy Impala. It was as a teen that Lucy first discovered Lowrider magazine, and seeing the custom cars in print only solidified her love affair with them. She vowed that she would own one someday, a vow she has made good on several times over. In fact, the 1949 Fleetline shown here is just the latest ride she has had the opportunity to own. Over the years, Lucy has had a number of rides. She has had a 1962 Chevy Impala wagon, a 1960 Brookwood wagon and a 1969 Chevy Impala wagon. Her husband, Ruben, is also into Lowriding − Bombs. On her 27th birthday, Ruben bought her the Fleetline as a gift.

Ruben is an automotive painter by trade so he took the Fleetline apart and prepped the body. He then used PPG’s new water base paint to spray the classic Chevy’s base coat. Ruben then patterned the roof and had Remedy from Kandy Factory in Oxnard, California pinstripe and added hand painted flowers to finish off the paint. Ruben is also pretty handy with a set of mechanics tools. He rebuilt the classic Chevy 216ci and the 3-speed transmission to make sure the Fleetline runs as good as it looks. As a birthday gift, Lucy’s brother-in-law, Fernie Chavez, and family friend, Wil Carrillo, installed a custom air bag set up so the Chevy will lay low when it’s parked at local Ventura County California car shows and cruise nights. The interior was refreshed by Jose from the High Desert area of California. He added a factory style interior kit to keep the clean classic look of the Fleetline. Ruben installed a custom audio system to the Bomb’s interior using Pioneer, Infinity, Kicker, and Sony components.

Once the car was complete, all that there was left to do was to give it a road test. The car immediately started turning heads as soon as it hit the streets of Oxnard. It turned even more heads when people saw Lucy behind the wheel! Although the gender-based surprise reactions sometimes bother Lucy, she is more than happy to buck the stereotypes of female character. “I always wanted to have my own car to show other women that we can be in Lowriding − not as cheerleaders or old ladies but as car owners. I feel that balancing being a mother of five children and being a wife, while also participating in the Lowrider culture only further proves that women truly can have it all.”

Lucy, we here at Lowrider Magazine salute you and the passion you have for Lowriding.


“Brown Eyes”

Owner: Lucy Chavez

Vehicle: 1949 Chevy Fleetline

City/State: Oxnard, California

Club: N/A

Engine: Stock Chevrolet 216ci rebuilt by Ruben Chavez. Stock 3 speed transmission was rebuilt by Ruben Chavez. A custom glass pack exhaust system was installed for the distinct sound that we all love to hear coming from a classic Chevy bomb.

Body/Paint: Lucy’s husband, Ruben, used a PPG water base custom mix to spray the base color on the Fleetline. He then patterned and flaked out the patterned the roof. Remedy, from Kandy Factory in Oxnard, California, pinstriped the car and added hand-painted flowers.

Interior: Jose from California’s High Desert redid the interior using a factory style interior kit.

Chrome: Manuel from Brawley California took care of all of the chroming on the Fleetline.

Sound System: Ruben Chavez installed a Pioneer head unit in a custom under-dash enclosure with Pioneer amps. He finished off the audio system with Infinity, Kicker, and Sony speakers.

Setup: Fernie Chavez and Wil Carrillo from Precision Metal Works in Oxnard, California installed a custom air bag set up in the Fleetline. The set up was plumbed with stainless and copper hard line. A two link with a pan hard was added to the rear of the Chevy to complete the suspension customizing.

Tires: Coker 5.60 tires

Wheels: Stock Chevy Wheels with GM Accessory Hub Caps

Brands: Pioneer, Infinity, Kicker, Sony, PPG, Coker