1962 Chevrolet Impala – Seduced

Building a Lowrider can be a life-changing experience. The bonds created during the trials and tribulations often become a lifelong experience as we realize our work is a guiding force in our lives. One such family found this out in a surprising way, as their shared love for automotive culture turned into a full-time job. This ’62 build symbolizes the complete cycle of the Park family, and its patriarch, Scot Park couldn’t be more proud of the results. “One of my neighbors was into Lowriding and bought the car from its original owner,” says Scot.”My sons, Anthony and Jeff, loved seeing it whenever he had it out, and I told him that if he ever decided to sell it, to tell us first because we wanted it.” Seeing the car with its rims and hydraulic set up planted the seeds in the boys and they began building bikes before getting into building Lowriders themselves. Before long, fifteen years had passed since Scot and his boys went over to the owner’s house, and once there, they saw the Impala covered in snow. “We made him an offer and bought the car,” explains Scot. “We brought it home and it sat in our garage for about nine years. During that time, we spent our time building cars fr my sons and other Lowriders, which actually led us to going into business for ourselves.” That business is called Solo Hydraulics, which served as the restoration center for this Impala.

With the help of his sons during a three-year build, Scot restored this ’62 into a killer cruiser. “I would like to thank my wife, Shelly, and our two sons, Anthony and Jeff for all their work,” says Scot.



Owner: Scot Park

Vehicle: 1962 Chevrolet Impala

City/State: Taylorsville, UT

Club: Luxurious Car Club

Engine: 1962 327 with Powerglide transmission built by Anthony Park, Shorty headers, 2-½-inch Flowmaster exhaust.

Body/Paint: PPG Hellrat Red sprayed by Patrick at Great Western Paint in Salt Lake City. Stripes were done by KC Christensen, at Leonardo’s Customs, in Richmond, UT. Additional work by Matt and Josh Woods of SLC.

Interior: Original stock Impala interior.

Setup: Installed by owner and Anthony Park at Solo Hydraulics, Salt Lake City, Utah. Includes 8-inch cylinders in the front, 12-inch cylinders in the rear, three pump setup with one Adex up front and two in the rear, four Exide batteries Stock frame with extended A-arms built by Jeff and Anthony Park at Solo Hydrualics.

Tires: Cornell 13-inch White Walls.

Wheels: 13-inch Zeniths with color-matched knock-offs.