Ever since he was young, Paul can remember his dad fixing up cars in their backyard. “My dad and uncles all had Lowrider cars,” Paul remembers with a smile. “I grew up around car culture and I always wanted to fix up a car myself.” Paul remembers his dad having a ’57 Chevy when he was young, so when Paul was fifteen, he bought himself a ’57 as well. After that, he developed a passion for ’39’s. “I don’t know what it is about ’39’s but I just love them,” he says. Paul already has a ’39 coupe and a four-door ’39, but his fleet was incomplete. “Most people have the four-doors and you also see a few two-doors out there but you don’t really see any Sedan Delivery models; that’s why I was excited when I found it.”

Paul first heard about the ’39 Sedan Delivery eleven years ago during a Super Bowl party, where his friend Reggie gave him lead on one. “He got me the number, I called the guy up and he said it was a ’39 Delivery. I didn’t believe it since you never really see them, but I saw it and sure enough, it was one.” The car had been sitting in the backyard for years and once the deal was made, they had to figure out a way of getting the car out, since the property it was on had no alley or other exit. Paul devised a plan. “I got a few guys and we put three 4×4’s under the car and lifted it over the fence with manpower to get it out of there!”

Finding such a rare vehicle was just half the battle; the other half came in with the build and finding parts for it. “The body was horrible on the car. The floor was full of cancer, the front was bashed in, and the roof was buckled,” says Paul. “You just can’t find these out there in good shape.” Paul hunted for parts at various swap meets and through friends, but the build still took him over a decade to finish. As it is now, the Sedan Delivery sits on the floor and it took some very tricky bends by the crew at Lou’s Mufflers to get the exhaust to fit.

Paul is grateful not only for this journey, but for all of his life’s experiences in car culture and Lowriding. “I want to send a special thanks to my wife, Deegee, for her support and also send one to my three sons Paul, Daniel, and Joey. I purchased cars for all three of my sons on their sixteenth birthdays, but they had to do well in school. They all went to college and made something of themselves, and I can’t help but think that giving them their cars helped keep them in line. I’ve been building cars all my life with my brothers and my sons are really into it; it’s in our blood to build cars. It feels great to see them into it and hopefully you will see them in these pages one day. I would also like to dedicate this in memory of my beloved parents, Amador and Mary Tovar.”


Tovar’s Delivery

Owner: Paul Tovar

Vehicle: 1939 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery

City/State: Cypress, CA

Club: Tovar’s

Engine: 235 with 3-speed floor shifter. Lou’s Mufflers in Hawaiian Gardens, CA, did the straight pipes exhaust, AC Delco battery.

Body/Paint: Tom from Cypress Auto Body in Cypress, CA, added the candy red paint and flaked fenders, while Paul Tovar did the bodywork and Danny D striped it.

Interior: Mike Perez stitched together the stock interior and Victor Melgoza added the wood grain.

Sound System: Paul Tovar installed the Pioneer deck and Boss speakers.

Chrome: Chrome was done by Jose of Bumper Choice in Santa Fe Springs, CA

Setup: The Tovar Brothers installed the 2-pump, 2-battery setup. Modifications to the suspension include channel body, rear C frame custom bridge, and dropped A-arms.

Tires: 5.20’s Premium Sportway

Wheels: Daytons